38 thoughts on “Craftsman Lawnmower Drive Belt & Blade Adapter Repair

  1. great tip about the slippage on blade pully. Ive replaced belt, wheels, cable and mower still barely propels. Ready to buy a new mower. Will replace the blade pulley next.

  2. Don, replaced the adapter and belt on husqvarna and cant get mower to stop prepelling on its own. Have the cable adjustment turned all the way in. Should I run it and let belt stretch out? It is RW drive.

  3. i bought a predator engine 173 cc, and got a sleeve to fit over that shaft. Now what kind of blade adapter pulley that will fit over the sleeve? Please advise.. thanks. Dean Wimberly

  4. Excellent, very well done!! This perfectly matched my 10+ year old craftsman; it's a work horse and runs like new. Also, much praise on your presentation, quite professional, one of the best I've seen on youtube. Thank you!

  5. When doing a self tuneup on a self propelled (rear) lawn mower. After a years, or more, seasonal work: oil change, spark plug, filter, carborator seal & pin replacement, and drive belt, and shaken blade Anything else? Grease anywhere that needs to be lubricated…. say the drive shaft or anywhere?

  6. Thanks for showing me how to loosen the belt guard surrounding the pulley. I was fiddling around with that for over an hour before remembering to check out your videos! I'll never wait that long again!

  7. great video Donny. thanks for the tip about the adjustment on the handle. my ez walk craftsman mower is always driving forward when the mower is running

  8. Great video!

    I have the Craftsman 917.375923 four wheel drive one and the belt is very difficult to replace! I had to bend a 1/4" wrench at a 90* angle to get the belt guides out of the way.
    I used a Husqvarna belt. Works fine,now.
    Sears had a part number that crossed over to that one.
    Ebay had one. HUSQVARNA BELT PART# 580364603.
    Took me 3 hours to figure it out.Done.

  9. I got a craftsman mod 917.370910 6.5hp 6.75 torque .its a rear propelled and when i try to engage ie it makes terrible grinding noise at rear tires , HELP !!! LOL.
    when i lift the mower up it turns the wheels noise free ,when lowered it barely moves mower and the grinding noise starts ,i checked both wheels and wheel gear and drive shaft gear look about brand new not bad for almost 4 years ,could the prob be the gear box what shaft comes out of ,please help

  10. @donyboy73 what is the part number for the rear cover part under the mower the holds the spindle blade and belt under the mower because the have a Husqvarna 7021r and the exactly the same I just need the bottoms cover under the blade because my belt is exposed

  11. Outstanding… I have the exact same problem Really appreciate you listing the part numbers so clearly.

    One suggestion, you might want to edit the end to the beginning on the off chance that is the issue.

  12. Love this video as I ALMOST got what I needed (I can see its spring near the belt spring, but not how to connect the lowest 'z' end).  I have to replace the drive cable on my rear wheel drive but cannot figure out how to attach the hook near the belt.  Any idea?  Thanks! (same ez drive control, cable part# is 406258)

  13. si possible faire la description 63589

                                                                                         merci .

  14. I'm missing the return spring on my mower that's beside the pulley and bracket. Would this affect the speed my mower will go or does the belt and adapter only determine that?

  15. I have the same mower but my blade has 3 bolts when i try to loosen the centre one it gets loose then tightens both ways so i am confused on what to take off?

  16. Hey Donyboy,

    I have a 12 year old Variable drive rear propelled Craftman mower (917.377820) similar to this video, but both wheels some to engage/disengage on their own.  The gear teeth on both wheels are good, the belt spins the rear pulley, the axle spins, but sometimes the wheels will not spin.

    I suspect the issue is with the "clutch" like pawl/pin that engages the wheel gear.  I've taken off each wheel gear and examined the spring/pawl, but all looks ok.

    I did replace the spring for the pawl on the right side.

    When i replace both wheels, start the mower with rear elevated, both rear wheels spin, the right side wheel stops spinning when I put it on the driveway (no power in the turn)   Is this an issue with the pawl/pin and should I replace it?

  17. @Donnyboy73 you know your stuff and I have learnt a fair bit from you.thanks.
    Are both wheels on this model mower meant to drive or is it just the one. Thanks mate.

  18. hello, i do not have a belt, i have a stiff shaft that gives the rear wheels spin, do you have a video on getting the self propell to work with this? thanks.

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