This green 2001 Craftsman LT1000 21hp lawn tractor with the Briggs & Stratton engine is the one that replaced my gray 2002 model LT2000 tractor with the 17hp Kohler engine. Even though its slightly older, the engine is powerful, and cuts the grass easily and nicely, goes through even tall thick grass like its nothing.




  1. I know thats the whole reason why we bought it for the much powerful motor in it, such a strong engine, cuts through the grass with ease.

  2. That's insane, 50 seconds you have to be kidding, lol. This is our second lawn tractor, the first one lasted us a good 10 years before something broke inside the motor.

  3. Do you have video of your 1997 tractor I would love to see it. And do you want me to get your a new gas cap with a working fuel gauge?

  4. Thanks. Even though I liked the gray one I had better, this one has a far superior engine over the gray one. Even though you may think Kohler is the better engine, its the horsepower that counts when cutting grass.

  5. You mean on what height setting should you cut the grass on, well I usually cut anywhere between number 3 and number 4 setting. In the summer you don't want to cut too short because the grass will burn faster and easier if the grass is too short.

  6. HA! I hear you on that one. I had my share of dead battery situations also. Luckily for you, you just had a minor battery issue, I had an engine problem, where the whole enigne would need to be taken apart to replace a small piece inside, so I just decided to get a whole different mower all together.

  7. That's on the high side if you ask me. We bought this one for only $400 and we traded him our broken tractor that needed a new engine.

  8. I got my lt1000 for free a buddy had it and couldn't figure out what was wrong wouldn't start…had it to 3 different shops….he bought a john Deere…and gave it to me….got it home and went over it and what was wrong was the positive battery cable was broken replaced that and runs perfect….but had the motor u have in it but that wasn't a good motor ….don't like vtwins …but had a 20 hp opposed twin not doing anything so I put that in and damn it runs awesome now with a lot more torque than the v twin…..nice tractor man!!!!

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