13 thoughts on “Craftsman Mower Carburetor Fix

  1. you have a lot more patience than me, id just end up scrapping it because my time would be worth more than the resale price. good fix though ill have to try it on the next trash pick

  2. @wheely132 i really hate those round mufflers there so loud and i dont like loud things i really like the Super lo tone mufflers on sprints,quattros and quantums

  3. I really enjoyed your clip on the carb cleaning. I have craftsman 4.75 push mower.The mower will start and run for about 8 seconds amd then shut off. Being non-mechanical and all thumbs, I thought maybe the fuel line. Using a wet vac I removed all the gas, removed the tank and line and cleaned it. I took off and cleaned the air filter. I bought a new plug. I checked the oil level. Still, the mower did not run more than 8 seconds. So now I will try your carb cleaning example. Wish me luck. Thanks

  4. thank you for the video I didn't actually use it to fix the throttle. I actually couldn't figure out where the governor spring and all that went good video though I liked watching you troubleshoot

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