Craftsman mower drive control replacement

I had to replace the control cable on my craftsman 917376732. The top of the cable broke off so I had to research how to put the part back on. Hope this will help someone else.



11 thoughts on “Craftsman mower drive control replacement

  1. Like almost everybody on here, I could not figure out where that piece connected. Thank you so much for taking the time to show this.

  2. Thank you for your kind compliment.  From now on when I figure out how to repair something I will record that, I recently fixed a dryer then went bad, when I was finished I wished I would have recorded that one.  I had my washer repaired by a reputable repair plays (Sears) he charged me $300. on a $500. dollar machine, a month later it did the exact same thing.  I bought a used non brand name for $100.  It cost me less then $100. to repair the dryer.

  3. Thanks Lyle. I hope you are feeling better. I bought a lawn mower off of Craigslist for $25 and the previous owner didn't want to deal with fixing it. So I took on the task. But I didn't know where the cable went. But after watching your video I think I can do it. But mine doesn't have a spring at the end. But I look at the transmission and their is a hole at the bottom. Wish me luck,

  4. I am really glad it helped it was my purpose to save someone else the time and trouble, there is a place called that has mower parts cheaper you might want to give them a shot.

  5. Sears sends everything out for repair any more, so I was looking at being without my mower for three weeks or more.  Your video showed me that I could really fix it myself.  Sears Partsdirect shipping prices are outrageous, but it's still cheaper than having Sears change the drive cable.  Thank you!

  6. I am glad if it helped out, I have had so much luck repairing things because of youtube, It is nice to give something back!

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