34 thoughts on “Craftsman Pressure Washer Carb Cleaning 6.75 HP How To Video

  1. Do you think it will help my pressure washer (Craftsman) run for more than 3 seconds?
    It will not stay running for more than that!

  2. I have an excell pressure washer with a 6.5 hp clean power b&s motor on it, i changed the carb last year ran 3 times fine, put it away after draining the fuel and letting it sit with just some stabil in the carb and fuel line.. went to use it this year and nothing, changed the plug, cleaned the carb and bowl the best i could,changed the fuel line and filter and oil and plug again, gaped it to spec and used ether based cleaner that was recommended by my small engine dealer. it would turn over but not stay running with or w/o choke on and i noticed fuel coming out of the air filter and i took air filter off and pulled the ripe again and the fuel is getting to the carb but spilling out to the air filter not to the motor. the air filter housing doesnt have a primer on it could that be the issue and how could i solve this and go back to the ole school way coz i have heard nothing but bullshit about the clean power/easy start set up and it seems to a known issue with this model.please get back to me soon i really need this equipment fixed asap

  3. Thank YOU so much ūüôā My float pin was stuck in there good I had to pry it out with a flat head. I didn't even know if it was supposed to move before watching your video. My pressure washer is a Craftsman Readystart 7.75 – Our carbs are a slightly different but the video was very helpful.

  4. Thanks!!  Your video gave me the confidence to take my carburetor apart.  The fuel port was totally clogged.  Cleaned it up and it started first pull!  Hasn't don't that in years!  Bummer though, it's shooting oil smoke out.  Hmmm.

  5. There was one key part that you didn't clean Рthe bolt that holds the float bowl on.  There are very tiny holes in that bolt that allow fuel to pass from the bowl up through the main jet.  All the old gas that turns to gunk settles into the bottom of the bowl and the passages in that bolt were clogged big time.  A paper clip worked to clear the lateral passage but the passage at the very end of the bolt had to be cleared with small, 26 gauge wire.  This was the cause of my problems.

  6. Thanks for posting the great video. My pressure washer was leaking gas due to the carburetor being gummed up. As a novice, your instructional video gave me the confidence to take apart and clean the carburetor without having to go to a small engine repair shop. Mission accomplished with no problems! My pressure washer is now running like a top! Needless to say, I will never leave gasoline stored in the tank again!

  7. After cleaning carburetor and all of the related parts from brake cleaner. Buy a brand new filter, spark plug to replace the old ones. Put them back together and still not working . Any other suggestions how to fix CRAFTSMAN/BRIGGS AND STRATION 6.75 SERIES 190CC.

  8. great video, I need help, I take the screw from oil pump and just I drop off some oil but I need to know what kind of oil can i add, I already went to sears, parts and services but they said suppose not attempt the pump and bla,bla,bla, just help me out, what to do, thanks for your time

  9. Maybe I missed it, but the Brass Bolt that secures the bowl has to be cleaned too. There is a jet from the top and a cross path on the sides near the base, I used a paperclip and safety pin to clean it. No amount of carb cleaning will make a difference with out this item cleaned. I spent 2 days re-cleaning everything before someone told me about it. Hope this helps someone.

  10. Your owners manual probably says not to run the pressure washer without water flowing through the pump as it can cause damage. Just sayin'!

  11. Outstanding job explaining the little details. Very informative. I just took my pressure washer carb apart following this step by step. Gotta grab a new plug and we will see how it goes. Thanks again. Great job.

  12. Got a question, cleaned carb on my craftsmen pressure washer and after installing the carb it's leaking fuel around the gasket (the one you repaired on your video). Do I need to add some liquid gasket maker on both sides of the paper gasket? If so, what gasket maker is best to use. I had some RTV gasket maker but it's not made to be used with gas application. Thanks

  13. I did buy a new gasket just to let you know, but seems to be leaking either way. The bowl is dry, seems to be the gasket. Going to Walmart to find that grey gasket maker you show on the video. hope it works. Haven't used this machine for a couple of years. I remember it sometimes would have no water pressure. Do you know what could be causing this problem? in case it has the same problem once I get this thing running. Thanks.

  14. once I get this piece of shit running again, going to sell and buy a Simpson/Honda engine power washer. never had so many problems with a power washer, especially brand new. carb was clogged once already and a friend helped me, believe it's the same problem again. I only run non ethanol fuel in all my small engines too.

  15. My pressure washer would not start at all. I followed your fabulous instructions on cleaning the carb. I replaced the fuel line and a broken choke throttle lever as well. My pressure washer is running beautifully and I am so thrilled that I found your video. Thank you so much, Debbie (grandmother of eight)!!!!

  16. Is the needle valve put in wrong or just me,,,,mine hangs from bottom of tap on float not the top tap,,@ 18.55 min. Your close up shows it,,,mine is flooding out with gas in oil…thx????

  17. Great video Jeff. Definitely appreciate you mentioning the safety tidbits. Have had carb cleaner in my eye more than once.. it's very very unpleasant!

  18. Thanks, was going to through away my pressure washer, but your video helped me diagnose my fuel leak from the bowl seal, was as simple as re-seating it and it all worked again. Thanks to you.

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