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Replacing a pump on a pressure washer is it worth the money? Disclaimer:
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22 thoughts on “Craftsman Pressure washer pump replacement

  1. pretty cool. was it hard to pull off and reinstall the new one except for the keyway thing you mentioned? I have an old pump from a karcher (honda engine) that i kept for parts. I might put it on ebay now. 🙂

  2. For this model you put the key in the keyway and just line it up and tighten 3 nuts to hold it in place. Quite easy to do. Thanks for your comment please subscribe. Doublewide6

  3. I have a similar craftsman unit (6.5 HP – 2700psi) – pump died 🙁

    When you took off the 4 mounting bolts on the bottom did the pump just fall off? What are the bolts (hex head?).

    What was the diameter of the motor shaft on your tecumseh? Mine is a Briggs & Stratton.

    Also, what model of pump did you buy? Vendor?


  4. The mounting bolts hold on the pump. Yes it will just fall off when you remove the bolts. I just did a briggs one last week. Search this part number on ebay. 308653025
    You will need a pressure relief valve it does not come with this pump. It works very well. Pull the old pump off and you will see how easy it is to bolt a new one on. Also you can then measure the shaft most are 7/8"

  5. Hey…Before I disassemble my pressure washer(same as yours) could you please explain what you mean by the "1/4" key to lock on the crankshaft" and key and the keyway? ….Thanks

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  7. doublewide…I have a Generac G27h PW that I have had since 02.  the pump went out and I am having a hard time finding a cheap pump to replace the one on it.  any suggestions??

  8. FYI: "pwpump,com" has replacement pumps for just about any kind of machine. I just found one for my Craftsman there. All you need is the brand and model number.

  9. Hi… I have a question about the pump replacement.  I've been also watching some videos and saw someone replace the pump.  He removed 3 bolts that attached the pump to the motor and the pump just came right off the shaft.  When I removed the 3 bolts however the pump is not sliding off?  Can I just pry it off without doing any damage?  Its a Briggs & Strat. motor on a Sears 2700 psi pump. 

  10. doublewide i have a chaftsman 2000 psi and i have a problem with the gas coming out the bottom where the bulb is anyides anyone please….thanks

  11. doublewide6, I have the same pressure wash and I wanted to know if you had to purchase new bolts or did you the existing bolts that came with the pressure washer.

  12. Did you have any trouble getting the old pump off the engine shaft? That's always the hard part busting off the old pump, impeller, pulleys as the case may be..the rest is just nuts and bolts..

  13. Ever had it rattle while running? Kinda sounds like it's about to stall, but doesn't. Sends a pulse through the hose about twice per second. I have s 2250 psi with 5.5 Briggs and I have no clue what is wrong with the thing. Shoots just fine.

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