Craftsman pressure washer won’t start ( craftsman 3000psi 2

I couldn’t get mine to start after hours of trying!! it’s a craftsman 3000psi 2.7 max gpm Briggs & Stratton 8.7 lbs per torque.




19 thoughts on “Craftsman pressure washer won’t start ( craftsman 3000psi 2

  1. Me and my dad I’ve been in the garage for an hour and just decided to YouTube this and we saw your video. Thanks for the tip it worked 😂😂😂

  2. Used it to strip my privacy fence and it worked amazing.>>>  Never a moment's problem. Not noisey. Wonderful machine. I bought the extra hose to make it easier to move around.

  3. I should of viewed you video first! I actually rebuilt my carburetor and still wouldn't start! I did what your video stated and boom! It started! This is a crappy ass design for a carburetor!!!!!

  4. Thank you to you and your brother! First year of storage and nothing, spark plug was dry, did not even smell gas. No choke! I knew there had to be a way….you guys had it! Thanks again…….

  5. KUDOS! Southern Texan. Perfect solution to my same problem. I spent two hours trying to start a Craftsman Briggs ReadyStart power washer (model 580.752871 only one summer old). Changed spark plug, cleaned carb & bowl, with new gas and nothing but one turnover with starter spray. Checked Youtube and first video, this one and bingo. separated the two black plastic clips (one of choke & one for thottle) and first pull it started! Thanks again Southern Texan. I owe you a beer.

  6. You helped end a two hour struggle. I drained my fuel and changed my spark plug and it still wouldn't start. I even looked at that part questioning if it was opening to let air in for combustion, but didn't think it was out of position. Appreciate the assist. Órale!

  7. Never use regular gas and let it sit. I had the same issue and I switched to non-ethanol gas and hadn't had a problem since. That Mechanic in a bottle works wonders!! I used it in all of my small engines.

  8. Stupid. This is your video and you wrote and said "Thanks" to yourself.

    Look: >>>
    familyman_notw1 year agoThanks mark I had the same problems two days trying to get it started my arm was sore from all the trying and thought let me make a quick video which I never had done because I knew there was at least someone else with this problem please like and subscribe

  9. Judging by the hardware in the frame of your video, I have this exact same pressure washer. Although I did not have the scenario today that kept your unit from starting I will definitely keep it in mind for future. I did have a situation a couple of times today where the pressure washer wouldn't start particularly following use and the engine was warm. In keeping with advice I've got off the internet (, and I just kept the trigger held during the starting process and since the engine is under demand (Trigger pulled) the smart carburetor gives it gas vs tells it to idle. Worked like a charm. 🙂

  10. Bought my 3000 PSI craftsman about half a year ago. Just used it 1st time today but was worried about this as I've seen a ton of bad reviews on today complaining about unable to start after had it running for awhile. Don't know if mines like this but will let you know if it saves my arm. Thanks in advance for letting me know.

  11. Are you EFFING KIDDING ME?
    (This started last Wednesday)
    I've almost broken my arm trying to start my BRAND NEW pressure washer.
    My neighbor came down and tried it for an hour before he gave up.
    Go to the manual for help. ! NOTHING
    Their trouble shooter should be SHOT!
    I CALLED Craftsman Tech Support where I waited in their holding pattern for 13 minutes, then was told "Due to a high volume of calls (NO SURPRISE THERE), as a courtesy they will gladly call me back".
    That was a couple hours ago.
    FINALLY! I decided to go to YouTube
    and all it took was this 1min 23sec video to show me that you have to break it in order to fix it.

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