Craftsman Riding Mower ROS ByPass How to. MOW IN REVERSE

On newer craftsman riding mowers they have a ROS (reverse operation switch ) by pass on the ignition switch. This allows the user to mow in reverse as well as forward, problem is that you sometimes don’t put the key switch in the ROS position and by not doing that you can NOT mow in reverse. This video shows how to by pass the reverse lock out all of the time. By just unplugging the switch at the rear of the mower you can always plug it back in to put the mower back to stock operation, no cut wires, nice clean modification. MOW IN REVERSE



19 thoughts on “Craftsman Riding Mower ROS ByPass How to. MOW IN REVERSE

  1. I just disabled all safety switches on my JD. I just used trailer wiring clips that bridge 2 wires together. It worked great and was non-invasive, no wire cutting and easily removable.

  2. my lawnmower has only one safety switch: the one on the seat and mower wont shut off unless you bounce off violently it will still run if you dont let the seat fly up when you get off

  3. ok the reverse safety switch makes no sense on some models because theres a setting on the ignition switch that allows you to mow in reverse

  4. The un-occupied seat makes perfect sense, the PTO/start safety makes sense, the clutch safety/start makes sense. When they threw this reverse nonsense into the mix, it became downright stupid. If you can mow lawn forward, there's no difference with mowing backwards. If you're moving backward without looking, you're incompetent and any problems you encounter are your own fault. These are a gas powered machines that are not toys. We can't get carried away with ridiculous safety features to cater to the odd moron. Certain people are destined to fail and we can't prevent that. If we cross this line, then nobody should be allowed to use a mower without a full training certification and license to do so. As well as additional insurance. Thankfully, I have the knowledge to wire a tractor from point A to point B with my eyes closed. I would never use a tractor that couldn't mow in reverse.

  5. OK, I guess I WONT!! disconnect that super intelligent plug , I may even zip tie the shit out of to make sure it NEVER pops loose again thanks showing me how to fix this if it ever don't shut off in reverse thought that was it now I know what to fully secure, many tjanks

  6. What's next,a temp sensor in the cup holder to shut the engine down in case the operator places a too cold frosty adult beverage in it…

  7. Amazing what results from ambulance chasing lawyers. Thanks for showing me what NOT to do, lol. I can assure you I will NOT do it first chance I get!

  8. Thank you for showing us how NOT to do this. I will walk outside right now and make sure that plug is securely plugged in. I would HATE to be with out this wonderful safety feature. 🙂

  9. Great info. Thanks.  If they were worried about safety, they should have put a beeping noise like trucks rather than cutting the engine!

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