30 thoughts on “Craftsman Riding Mower Starter Problem

  1. Its not solinoid,you need to take out a spark plug and then try to start it by jump cables ,positive cable by the start. when it swing put the spark plug back ,try again,remember to seat on with your foot on clutch.

  2. easiest way to test a solonoid is put 12 volts to the small terminal and check if the solonoid opens to the other side on the large contacts on top should have 12 volts on the other side

  3. That happens to me when I have a dead battery or low one that doesn't hold a charge I never had to replace nothing just jump it or charge the battery not the starter or solenoid doubt it

  4. gonzorig may be right….the starter and solenoid are fine they are turning over the engine just fine…you valves are not opening and closing properly so too much compression is building up in the cylinder….adjust your vavles to the proper clearances

  5. Is there a manual for adjusting the valves? I ran into this for my mower and I'm curious what happens if I change the solenoid and it doesn't work.

  6. im having the SAME EXACT problem as seen in the video. but my craftsman is a 1996 19HP twin Briggs & Stratton. its been sitting out in the weather for about 8 years. I manually got it running (started it with a rope), it runs fine and it cuts off with the switch like normal mowers, so I know every thing else works but it wont start just like in the video.
    -does adjusting the valves still apply?
    (summer restoration project…im only 16) : thompson935@yahoo.com :

  7. Remove the spark plug and turn the flywheel by hand, now try to see if the starter works if not double check all connections andmake sure you have a fully charged battery

  8. To get the starter working again just replace the Starter Solenoid 94265-WRL. My 1999 Sears Craftsman 20 HP ridding mower works fine again.

  9. I have a mtd riding mower that when you turn the key the starter turns a tiny bit then stops. like new battery. But turn key, starter just coughs a spin. ANY HELP?? ANYBODY??

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