Craftsman Riding Mower/T2200 19 hp briggs & Stratt

Craftsman riding mower issues. Why cant you get what you pay for? Why cant companies today put out a reliable product?



15 thoughts on “Craftsman Riding Mower/T2200 19 hp briggs & Stratt

  1. Did you fix it? I got mine and the first one had the same problem your having, mine was a lose clutch, only time will tell how mine holds up but I'm satisfied with mine. Even after getting a dud they happily gave me another

  2. I have a t7200. Its not much different then yours. The problem I've been having with mine is that every time I put new oil in it, for the next hour of run time on that new oil it cuts out on me a lot . its a weird break in period I guess. Mine also turns off when I get off the seat when the parking breaks on and blades off but I thought it was supposed to do that. Keep making videos of it

  3. I returned my a week ago, I decided to try one more craftsman, I got a t3000 not much more and works 100x better than this one, but I will say the deck clogs pretty easily

  4. Sears T2200 Ridding Mower: My jerks badly going when shifting from N to F, and this is the second one they brought to me that does this. How do you purge the transmission? I have seen two or three different ways- one in the manual, another on a tag attached to the shifter, and another on line. They want you to start the engine while in freewheel mode, but to start you need to depress break and that takes it out of freewheel. Help!!!

  5. Had mine a year,starts and runs fine but the steering is messed up and it vibrates real bad in heavy grass like it has a bent blade so I replaced them and it didn't help at all! They closed the Sears store here so I can't even get it replaced without driving 150 miles! what a piece of shit.. I think it is made by Husqvarna due to some of the stickers under the hood.

  6. I got a 2015 T7000 Pro Series Craftsman 42 inch cut 22 HP twin Kohler 7000 Elite Series motor not had a single issue thus far with it 24 hours of use so far on it and I have issues occasionally and have to fiddle with the parking brake to get it to actually set even though it locks in sometimes it doesn't want to stay running. However besides that the rest of the mower is good. If you go to sears I recommend one of the pro series at least mine has been good

  7. I have 31 hours on mine with no issues, two mowing seasons and I used it as a snow plow the first winter. I believe this model is made by Husqvarna.

  8. What is the Crank Amps of your battery?    I've been having a lot of trouble with my Craftsman 19HP Kohl 42" cut tractor, too.   After doing some research I realized that I needed more crank amps for mine.   Mine came with a Diehard 285CA/230CCA which I found out isn't enough power that the minimum for a motor this size is 300CCA.   I couldn't find the CAs.   The new battery I bought was the same amperage as the old battery.  Wished I researched this so now I'm stuck with a new battery.   I will be buying another new battery which will be 430CA/350CCA.   

    I was having a lot of trouble starting mine and used one of those portable jump starters which popped right off the first time.   But the battery had to be taken out and charged up again using a 10 amp charger.    Besides having trouble starting it, once I did get it started, like yours it would die when I would press the clutch/brake or move anything else on my tractor.    But this part may have been my fault since I accidently pulled apart the gas cap parts when I unscrewed it.  Something I wasn't expect to happen so I dug into this a little more.   Come to find out my gas cap was a double vented one and the venting was compromised causing a vacuum in the gas tank stopping the gas to get to where it is suppose to causing the motor to stall and die.    So I replaced the gas cap with another one just like it and I will make sure I'm careful when  I unscrew it. 

    Hopefully a more powerful battery and a new gas cap will take care of these problems, otherwise I'm getting rid of that piece of shit and buy another brand.   

    When I went to Sears where I got talked into buying this thing, I notice that there were chargers on all of the batteries on their mowers.   And I bet they had to jump start some of them too because you know they are going to put the smallest powered battery that they can instead of the one with the proper Crank Amps.      I bet I won't get talked into another lawn tractor I don't want because this time I will really be on my guard, trying out things and asking questions.

  9. One thing I noticed is that they're making the gear case for the transmission out of plastic instead of aluminum ,,, which is why I wouldn't by one ,,, I don't trust a plastic gear case over a metal one ,,, and I just don't think they will last

  10. before you killed it, did the mower get really loud? mine did same today, super loud lile muffler straight fell off, i killed it to get gas. now not shit

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