Craftsman Snowblower Carburetor Repair Shoot clogging up try this (It works!) Add a snowblower fuel shut off Add an electric starter to your blower Primer and Primer line Kit Click link to get replacement Carb. Free Month trial Amazon Prime free shipping Click link to get a new carb.
Craftsman Snowblower doesn’t run? See how you can fix it yourself. I this video I clean the carburetor and make a new gasket by hand. Disclaimer:
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29 thoughts on “Craftsman Snowblower Carburetor Repair

  1. It's rare that I see a video made of this caliber.   The video and audio quality along with the knowledge is first rate.   Kudos for showing how this is

  2. I have a different model Craftsman snow blower, but I think this video has given me enough to get through a general cleaning of the carb on it.  Your production quality is top notch and your explanations are very clear.  Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share it with us.

  3. i especially like the boxers he uses for his rag. Good presentation. And like most do, his gloves tear. I use Kimberly-Clark purple gloves.  Best I've found. What is gasket material? Glad it started.

  4. Hi, thanks for the fantastic video. Is the carb shown in the link the exact replacement for this snowblower model? They're going for $15 on Amazon – I figure it would be easier to replace the whole unit? What's your advice? Thanks again.

  5. Hey neighbor, you gave me exactly what I needed in a professional manner and I really enjoyed your video.
    The kid was adorable too.

  6. Does this model require an ignition key? I inherited one recently and after replacing an auger belt, cannot get it to start. Followed these steps successfully but still won't start. I noticed a notch/hole for an ignition key but don't recall there ever being one inserted?

  7. Followed these steps and when I reattached the carb and added gas, it leaks from the bowl seal. From what I understand, that seal is not meant to stop leaks and that, if gas is leaking, it's because the needle is not sitting right. I replaced that small stopper the needle rests on, is it possible I set that down too far?

  8. I've cleaned carb, enlarged holes, new fuel lines , spark plug, oil is always fresh, bought high octane but my tecumseh wants to sputter and pop at high speed. Idles great. Sometimes sounds like it wants to die under load but never quite stalls out. Seams to do this after running a while. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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