16 thoughts on “Craftsmen Briggs and Stratton platinum 7.25 won’t start Fixxed!

  1. Great Video. I took mine apart, and I lost a piece. The plate and yellow piece shown at 24/25 seconds, can anyone tell me what those are called?

  2. I followed your excellent instructions and my mower started right up (after I remembered to reconnect the spark plug. Lol). Now, the mower sounds and runs better than it has all season. I would never have thought that cleaning that that tiny bolt could make such a difference. Thank you so much for this video!

  3. I spent hours taking apart and cleaning my motor. Damn thing wouldnt start. Finally came across this video and realized I missed the smallest hole on the bowl nut. That was upsetting. So I clean the nut well, and while putting on my air filter I realize the carb gasket is fallen apart. I then go to 3 stores and nobody has one.
    Machines are winning.

  4. What is the Model, Type and Code numbers for this exact mowers briggs and stratton engine? I need to order head and carburetor gaskets for mines, but cannot seem to find it stamped anywhere on the engine. Only thing on the engine is a barcode sticker, but can't seem to download QR Code reader to my iphone at this time

  5. I misplaced the white plastic piece between the filter and the intake. The snap in place plastic piece. Am I screwed? Is there a name for this piece ? Is the piece necessary?
    Changed spark plug. Changed filter(lost plastic piece). Runs for a good 5 minutes and cuts, then starts sluggishly dying. Remove air filter. Starts back up.

  6. Thanks, this might be what's wrong with mine. It gets clogged because of ethenol in the gas. Corn crap gumming up the carb.

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