26 thoughts on “Crankshaft & Camshaft Timing Marks on Tecumseh Engines

  1. e care hvala ti do neba.ja sam jebo mater od oka postavljo,okreto radilicu i gledo kako se ventili otvaraju pa ono od oka stavio kad treba da se otvore i zatvore kontas? i jebo mater nece da krene,jel cim ofulas jedan zub nece krenut motor,ha ja.Nego ja sam sad vidio ovaj video i ja sad odo pobat to jel radi.a ne budel radilo jebacu ti ja mater da znas

  2. hey pal,can you tell me something about my engine,on its back plate writes :
    0246 LAV30-IA/76118 ,from this I only figured out that it is year '02 and 46th day.Can you tell me displacement and something else if you can? under this there is also this nubmer 8379615,it is a Techumesh engine(ASPERA)

  3. Hi donyboy73.
    I have a B&S 12.5 that I overhauld. I'm putting it back together now and have the marks on the crank & cam lined up. The 2 valves are closed but the piston is about 1/2 from the top. Is this normal?


  4. very good dony, appreciate the help, On my oh-140 Tecumseh horizontal, I have two outer bearings blocking the indent on the crankshaft, but looks like I'll have to remove them enough to find the timing mark on the crank. Camshaft is find and identifiable. Thanks, Stan

  5. I have a vintage hh60 Tecumseh engine which I have replaced all electrical including the stator. The problem is I cant adjust the points to open at the suggested point .05 prior to top dc. The stator assembly won't rotate counter clock wise to the high point when high point on the cam is in the proper position. I haven't disassembled the engine as yet to see if the timing gear is where it should be. Can you advise me? Thanks George

  6. Donyboy73 I have to replace the engine block on my Tecumseh H60.  The intake valve seat is missing about a 1/2 inch of steel, no compression.
    I have ordered the block off Ebay. My engine is completely dissembled.
    My cam shaft is marked just like the one on this video, the crankshaft has no mark.
    There is a similar mark where the cam shaft  seats on the block and one on the seat on the sump cover. Line these up?
    Any advice would be great,  Thanks
    Bob Glennon
    Hingham Ma

    BTW:It came off a Ariens snow-thro, I think my Dad bought it in 1968-1970?

  7. Very good video! One question on the case cover when reinstalling anything special on lining up the plastic wheel any specific alignment needed? It's an older Tecumseh 7hp. Thank you so much!!

  8. so if the marks are not lined up, the timing is advanced or retarded? If so, how would you retard? I'm needing to know. Thanks.

  9. Hey I need help with finding measurements for literally everything on my Tecumseh LEV120 motor. From spark plug gap, to cam lift and degree, dimensions of the piston, etc. But I can't find the measurements for anything online at all. If you know a website that shows the measurements for the parts, please comment with the link. Thanks

  10. bonjour , il y a combien bar de compression dans la chambre de combustion du bvs 143

    Hello, there is how much bar compression in the combustion chamber of the bvs 143

  11. hows it going. im doing my first rebuild. A kohler k241 with no balance gears. why is there 3 dots on the cam shaft. Two are red and one is not. Which dot do i line with crankshaft.

  12. my crankshaft gear pin sheared how do I get the PIN that holds it down out the square headed pin. Do I just have to drive it out hard

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