Cub Cadet rebuild

Cub Cadet 3225 HDS. Ive decided to keep this tractor and rebuild what needs rebuilding,paint what needs painting and replacing all the decals. This was a $7000.00 machine in its day. It has a 22 HP kohler with horizontal shaft.vacuum activated PTO,hydraulic lift and lower,hydrodrive transmission, PTO on front. It can be fitted with a category 0 ,3 point hitch or a brinley hitch to pull ground engaging implements. It is ready made on the front to fit a snow blower and a plow. Ive even seen a kit that will fit a front loader onto it.Its worth the time it will take to return it to near perfect condition and I intend to do that over time.

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33 thoughts on “Cub Cadet rebuild

  1. Hi Brad,was wanting to know if you have any thoughts about the Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro series. Trying to convince myself it's worth the money.

  2. bought 2 for 800 bucks , needlees to say one the engine was torn , but one is running fine , i love it , i am on the processes of build a front loader hydraulic,

  3. I bought a 1996 Saturn that was in very good condition for $300 the previous owner said it had a bad seal somewhere and was leaking oil and sure enough l look at the oil filter and it was just barely hand tight

  4. How much did you get it for? I may hav missed something… but ive been keeping my eye out fpr hondas, this is FAR better than a honda 3813 honda rider. Lol. Im truly jealous…

  5. It would be real cool to see you zinc plate that deck. I've been wanting to do mine but haven't got around to it yet. What do you think?

  6. If my wife only knew I was hanging out on your channel Saturday nights looking at topless mowers. Ohhhh the trouble I'd be in. I tell her I'm watching educational video's.

  7. the pto belts are supposed to be a little loose it keeps them from burning if you stall the blades  the deck belt doesnt slip when you go through tall grass also with the vacume pto clutch if you bog down the engine it will loosten the belt to let the engine catch back up these tractors are the best ive ever seen at mowing they are heavy built they take on hills with no problem welcome to the 3000 club lol i have a 3225 with a 16 hp brigs v twin and a new sltx1045vt with a 26hp brigs both with 54 inch decks the 3000 series will outcut the new one faster smoother and alot less tippy on hills

  8. a typical mower used for commercial accounts averages 250 hours per year on the low side. 10 plus year old machine with less than 2k hours will make me wonder where it has been parked and why.  Same thing with a over the road truck that hasnt had 100k miles on the dial each year.  Knowing the answer why is important

  9. What a great project.  Would love to see how you sand blast it.  It would help me with ideas of how to remove rust from an outdoor metal patio table.

  10. Nice! Don't blame ya for wanting to keep it.
     Looks like there an adjustment on the PTO actuator, but you know that.
     Lookin' forward to seeing it finished….so hurry up.:)
    Sheesh, your kinda startin' a used mower dealership……come to think of it, that's not a bad idea..

  11. If you do all that fixin' it'll look GREAT.. draw a bunch of $$..  It'll be too good to keep.. Have to sell it..   For $2K?..  YEAH!  

  12. brad just got a little rant uploaded about the warranty on my cub cadet mower .im going back to fixen things myself as you do. no more warranties for me brother .good luck on yours

  13. What a fantastic machine, looks like some real engineering went into it.  If you did sell it you would only regret it down the line. Needs hot rod paint BCtruck graphics. Looking forward to this project. 

  14. Well I hope you do a lot of quickie videos of this project. I have a Craftsman mower I need to pick up. Given to me! I have a lot of plans for it when I get it.

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