Cub Cadet RZT 50 Hydrostatic Transmission Rebuild

This video describes the basic rebuild procedure for a hydro-static transmission commonly found on lawn equipment.

One step I was unable to capture on the video. The face of the motor was also scarred. I used 1000 grit wet sand paper to resurface the face. Without this step, you will get limited improvement on the repair.



37 thoughts on “Cub Cadet RZT 50 Hydrostatic Transmission Rebuild

  1. This is definitely NOT a "rebuild" video, but a video of what the inside looks like… No operational details, no assembly disassembly details, no rebuilding details pretty much at all although it does have some good details on what the inside looks like calling it a rebuild video is definitely inaccurate.. Could have been a really good vid if this guy actually kept the camera rolling..

  2. A minister sold my cub cadet to me with the oil light coming on. When the engine wore out the upper "case" bearing from oil starvation he turned into the devil, after assuring me several times there was not an issue. His warranty is about as good as his word, and most people steer clear of him these days. I'm not a fan of people that tout their Christianity, but more of an observer of those that truly show it. The churches are full of demons today.

  3. That's alot of work and down time,for the price of these the tranny should never be a problem. Both of mine are bad on a 8k dollar zero-turn.

  4. Great for you, you are a christian! To each their own is a great motto to live by, but I made a slight change in mine. I say "To each their own, as long as they don't F*** (I typed it this way to not intrude on your side of the "to each their own" in this statement) with mine" because EVERYONE has the right to do things their own way. Besides the fact you are pushing others to do as you do, which is annoying as all get out to me, this was a great video! I am an electronics tech and if I said something like "Here is a 2 minute video to watch on how to become a electronics tech so please check that out" you would feel like that was misplaced for tons of reasons. Of course if you would like to see that video please let me know since I love to teach others how to do things like that the right way. Thanks for spending your time to make this for others to use and view! Keep up the good work, just do away with "God's work" and this would truly be a 100% perfect video IMHO. Cheers to you and remember, it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

  5. Thanks for the video – I'm thinking of adding a drain plug to both hydros on my RZT – would most think that in front of the filter, near the case cover is ok? 7:40 And is the breather hole good to refill, or is that allen bolt near it good for refilling? Thanks

  6. Would it be possible to replace my 54" Craftman Zero Turn Hydro Trans to Commercial Hydrostatic Trans for easier maintenance ???

  7. I find your video incomplete I am in the process of rebuilding one and followed you instructions , but when I came to removing the control levers and and the pump shaft I could not find any detail showing how they were removed both have interior bearings and the shafts do not just pull out I have all the bolts loose with the shafts still in and cannot pull the pumps out. MORE DETAIL PLEASE

  8. Awesome video Sir, I really appreciate it. Would you by any chance still have the website links to both the parts, and the rebuild instructions that you used?? Seems like google just wants me to buy whole new transmision lol. Thank you.

  9. Great info but I am wondering I have a 05 cadet V Force 3 Z Turn and one of my hydro units started doing the same thing. My question is are mine the same and if so I heard you say where you got parts from but no part #s is it possible to get Part numbers for the items you replaced. God Bless and Thank You

  10. I've been a mechanic for close to 50 years and I do these all the time. I admire the way you tackled this job without ever having done one before. The only negative thing I have to say about the job is you made the same mistake most amateurs make….. WAY to much and wrong type of case sealer. You're sealing a case, not icing a cake!!!! The same bead of excess RV sealer that is showing on the outside of your case when you had the unit reassembled is also showing on the inside. Those swash plate piston do not like that stuff when it breaks down, and it will break down. RV sealer is antique technology. I've been using PERMATEX GASKET ELIMINATOR exclusively since it first came over 20 years ago. The tube cap is purposely designed to lay down a bead about the thickness of a #2 pencil lead. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED. I can't even count the number of engines, transmissions, and other components I've rebuilt using this stuff over the years and I've never had a single leak. That's my tip to you…. use the good stuff and don't act like your "tagging" a railroad car, otherwise nice job.

  11. Nice video too bad you totally skipped some very important parts on disassembly and reassembly of the hydraulic motor. This is totally useless to me. gotta look elsewhere.

  12. I have this issue with the left side of a 2008 RZT50 Cub Cadet that was given to me. It has 500 hours on it. I contacted Hydro Gear for a rebuild kit, and they told me to go to a local dealer to order the parts I need. Does that sound right? Perhaps the parts could be found on eBay, if I knew the exact parts I needed. Is it just the Center Section and Seal Kit? Thanks for the video and your help! Now I know I can do this and save a lot of money, while gaining a quality machine.

  13. Thanks for the video, but I'm stuck. I have removed the three bolts from the center section and it won't lift out. Your video didn't show how to remove the input shaft, which is probably what I need to do to remove the center.

  14. my transmission seems to whine really bad and doesn't seem to pull as good as it use to and was wondering if you think the transmission needs to be rebuilt or just change the oil

  15. I am having trouble with my Hydrogear. I was wanting to rebuild it but I am having trouble finding some parts. I tried one of the links in the comments but I cannot find any parts. I appreciate you help.

  16. My 2009 Ariens zoom zero turn has the identical hydrostatic transmission with the same problem. I've had taken the cover off to see inside but didn't know where to begin. thanks for the info. BTW I have the same shoes.

  17. Found your video here, you did an excellent job on this, I have Toro Timecutter and I want to replace the belt for these pumps and you really help with your video. Sub'd ya too

  18. One more question I have for you. If you can resurface the face of one part with sand paper why couldn’t you do the same on the face of the center section?

  19. I have a question for you sir! How did you go about getting the pulley off of that thing. I have the exact same mower and I can’t get it off.

  20. Great video! The left hydro on my Cub Cadet lzt54 was behaving the same. After watching your video (many times), I got the courage to rebuild my EZT. I replaced the center assembly only and did the purge. However, the left hydro still exhibits loss of power after running a few minutes. Any ideas as to what else would need to be replaced. I examined the pumps and didn't see any obvious need to replace them.

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