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  1. Superb job. It should also show the filters that let air in/out of the carb chamber above the fuel and under the rubber diaphragm. If the foam in these filters deteriorates to particles, then the particles ca get into the carb chamber and cause all kinds of trouble.

  2. Great animation, just one thing though. Considering, that what you have labeled as a choke is doing the job of an en richer…..are you sure it isn't an enricher circuit ? Change the engine sound to a Harley Davidson! These were the last carbs used on a HD before switching to EFI. I think you might know that though.

  3. on CV carbs what causes bogging at higher rpm I have a 78 Honda hawk that runs fine at idol but about 7 grand or so it bogs and has trouble getting up in speed I've cleaned them a few times with little results

  4. Thanks for your explanation.My bike Yamaha FZR 250. i cleaned my mikuni
    carburator (4) and cleaned main jet,pilot jet and adjust air mixture 2.5
    turns out from the closing point.Cleaned the air filter.My problem is 3 times failed my eco
    (smoke) test and result show more petrol consumption.but last years
    easily pass the eco test.My problem is need to reduce petrol.How can i
    adjust/reduce petrol flow ?please help.Thanks.

  5. So it seems like the needle fills up then entire jet that it slides it, how does gas get from the bowl up into the air stream with the needle in the way (talking about wide throttle positions)?

  6. I bought a new carb with an electric choke, my old cab didn`t have an electric choke on it. How do I wire it so it would work? please help me! Jim 150CC Howhit engine

  7. Helped me solve my idle problem on my ATV. Been stumped forever. SEEING WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING helped my understand what was NOT HAPPENING. The second the choke was closed the ATV would "sneeze" and stall. I cleaned the idle circuit and nothing changed. I started by opening the pilot air screw in quarter turn increments until I was a additional 1.25 turns out from the starting point of 2. This is the first time it has idled right since I bought it used a few years back.  Big thanks…seeing the concept of operations helped me understand what I was seeing and hearing and zero in on the cause. YOU THE MAN!

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