Death By Clutch! Ford Tractor Hard Start

A Ford 1910 tractor needs a clutch, and a glow plug for good measure.

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42 thoughts on “Death By Clutch! Ford Tractor Hard Start

  1. I have 1986 mf 1010 diesel that start to have a hard to start cold and hot. Works fine when it does start. Would you have any ideas on why it would do this?

  2. I have to appreciate Richs ability to idiot proof his videos. “ if you can’t take the front bucket off you probably shouldn’t be doing a clutch” 🤣

  3. Perfect video. 🙂 Bought a 2120, and seller said: needs clutch pedal adjustment. Now i Know 😉 Even if the clucth is gone, I can now do the job myself!!!
    BTW, I always are swearing, and bleeding, when repairing Euro Fords, but this tractor is a rebadged Shibaura, from Japan. Much easier to understand, and work on.

  4. great video….just got an 84 Ford 2110 that needs a clutch…the 1910 seems pretty similar so this video is helpful beyond words! Feel like maybe now I can get it done . thanks

  5. Maybe it's just me but with the condition of the old clutch, I would have definitely installed a new rear main seal. I do that everytime anyway even if it belongs to someone else. I would also put in new pto seals at this time. Too much work breaking a larger tractor apart to skimp for a few dollars.

  6. You know I tried the grease trick on an old Toyota I had, but the grease didn’t work. Must not have been thick enough. What I ended up using was white bread, using the same process and sure enough it worked

  7. Another good truck for the pilot bearing. Is to put some bread in the hole and hit it with the punch, it works like grease but will not slip through the bearing like grease.

  8. Very cool video. Wish I had seen this sooner. Just rebuilt the shibura diesel in a Ford 1910 this summer. Not the easiest motor to work on and expensive. Hardest part was getting it back together at the end with a new clutch. Ended up re-splitting it to adjust clutch fingers. Ended with about $2k US in parts and machining. Lift cilender seal is the next project for it.

  9. This video made me confident enough to undertake replacing the clutch in my Ford 1710. I've never done it before, so I sweated all the details you take for granted. However, the one thing not covered by the service manual is the adjustment of the clutch fingers and THAT was where you lost the footage! To you that's just another detail – to me it's critical. I think I've got it right so I'll put it together and see. Thanks for posting.

  10. Those old Ford tractors had a timer that would shut off the glow plugs after so many seconds. The timers were known to fail, so you might not have had operating glow plugs after they were replaced. I’ll bet the valve lash is way off too, they are all manual.

  11. We were moving some logs around with the JD 2140 and the clutch went. What a god-awful job that was. Nephew and I had some fun getting that back together again. We had to do it where it failed as we couldn't get it out of where it was stuck.

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