Diagnosing A Generator That Has No Power Output.

For more information or a written out step by step you can stop by http://www.thediyguy.net/2012/11/how-to-diagnose-a-generator-that-has-no-power-output/ We will be showing you how to diagnose a generator that has no power output to see if its your automatic voltage regulator is bad and needs replacing or if its the part that generates the electricity.



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  1. I have a honda eu 3000 inverter generator.there isn't any power at the a.c. receptacles. The generator runs but the eq switch doesn't work and it isn't making power.why and how do I fix this problem

  2. Hello, I have an older 1997 RV with a moble Generac primepact 50g industrial, that starts fine and generate electric for 20 seconds the motor will still run but sounds a little different, but no electricity output until I shut off and restart then same thing no electric output after 20 seconds. What could it be?

  3. I have a 3700 watt Robin-Subaru generator. It powers a large load just fine, Such as a compound miter saw or a welder. But smaller loads like my 20 amp 12 volt battery charger, No power.

  4. Am having a diesel generator which runs without power,the avr tested ok,removed all the brushes,disconnected all the two wire field coils nothing like even a spark can be realized on the two coil when my generator runs, but there seem to be a minute voltage like 3v or 3v, but the field coils has no issue in resistance drops, the amartue is well fixed ,but still no i dear ,can somebody assist??

  5. I have a good one for you. One day my generator seemingly quit, but not completely, it continued to put out 6 to 10 volts. So I installed a new AVR, cranked it up and it was working again. Then I played with the speed adjustment because they wanted an RPM of 3700 and voltage between 230 and 240 volts. As I was adjusting the speed up it quit generating the specified output and dropped to 6 to 10 volts again. I lowered the RPM but it never starts generating again. Any ideas on how to figure out why it's doing this?

  6. OK, so I have a 6,500 KW Diesel brushless enclosed generator that has an external AVR. Engine runs fine but now power is being generated. Since I cannot remove the two wires off of the rotors where and how do I hook up an external 12 volt battery prior to testing the tow wires coming off the AVR?

  7. you did not say if you just hook the negative wire up for seconds or about a minute while engine running , then check for ac volts out on the two wires. if it has ac output on the two wires ,shouldn't it read 110 vlts instead of 60 vlts?

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