Diagnosis of NON STARTING 5HP Briggs Engine

Filmed September 2011

In this video I show you what is causing this 5HP Briggs & Stratton engine to not start.

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35 thoughts on “Diagnosis of NON STARTING 5HP Briggs Engine

  1. Hi Danny like your videos, I have a newer jd snowblower, with a snow max engine, I replaced the coil, but after about 3 minutes of running it stalls and then doesn't run no more than 20 seconds? U think the carb could be gummed up as I never used it one whole winter.?

  2. For an older engine that's still in good running condition,  do you recommend using a fuel additive to keep piston top clean or a head disassembly to clean the carbon  off  mechanically?

  3. Hello Donyboy,

    I have an old Mastercraft Snow blower with a briggs motor that wont start. unless I put some fuel into the spark plug hole. I am ordering a rebuild kit , but what else should i look for .??

  4. Donboy I need help with two generators i own.. Both are old homelites. (Before they shut down.) When i got bot of them their carbs and gas tanks were off so I didnt know how they go back together…are they supposed to go wide open throttle the second they are fired up even with no load?  MY older on isnt producing power and its at wide open throttle..just got it all back together..and the throttle is open..when i try to shut it the spring pulls it back open. Know Im good with motors but generators scare me because I dont want to blow the motors..They mean alot to me and im just trying to save them…They cant go back to the scrap yard..I saved them from there. Can you help?

  5. Every 13XXX Briggs engine has Easy Spin decompression ground into the camshaft. The Repair Instructions say not to use a compression gauge on them, for that reason, and to instead remove the recoil starter and turn the engine backwards and it should bounce off compression.  If it doesn't bounce well I say you should get an air pressure regulator on your air compressor and set it for a very slight flow. Then turn it with the low pressure until you feel resistance and you will feel when it is at top dead center. Park it there, take your hand off of it, and turn the reg. up to 50psi – then listen to the crankcase breather, the exhaust , the intake, and head gasket for leaks.

  6. Hi! First of all, congrats on your great video guides!
    If I may, I need to ask you a question: i've noticed there is no cylinder head gasket in this engine, while my Briggs (which is exactly the same model) has one. Is it really necessary to mount this gasket in order to run the engine? Because nobody retails it in my city. Thank you in advance!!!

  7. Hi i have a 5 hp brigs it runs and then bogs down for a minuet and then revs back up for a wile and keeps doing this can you help me also i found a big sponge in the gas tank what could this be.

  8. I'm looking for a video about a Briggs and Stratton 12.5 engine (289707 0154 01) not turning over. It looks like it as too much compression. 

  9. Will a flywheel key cause the briggs and stratton engine not to turn over. It looks like my son jammed something in the blades causing the lawn more to stop. Then it does not turn over anymore seems like it has too much compression. took the spark plugs out and check if it has spark by holding it on the head n the engine turned over but when I put the spark plug back. Engine does not turn over. If the flywheel key does cause this problem do you have a video that shows how to replace it

  10. Hi Donyboy73 could you please tell me when you get carbon build up like this video, what is the best way to remove it? is there any risks with scratching? thanks

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i did it this time.

    Waa unscrewing head bolts and one of them snapped off. Didnt even feel any different than the others, now I have a broken screw stuck in the head.

    omggggggggg my dad is going to be madddddddddd!!!!

  12. Today I was working blowing the leaves with one of these engines. While I was working the engine started making a kranking and cracking noise as if someone threw a rock in the gears. I opened up the fan part of the blower, but there was no rock in it, but it was still making that loud noise. Does anyone know what it could be?? Thanks

  13. I dont know if you will see this, but you are the one that taught me to be a mechanic. Fours years later with many mowers repaired and a few of my own, i thank you very, very much!

  14. how much should I torque the head?
    mine is 5 hp.
    valves and piston looks same, muffler little different.
    close enough?

  15. can you help me, i have a briggs 17.5 engine, that is popping through the carb,
    there's no smoking or oil,but i dont know what to do, or where to start, so please help, it on a troybilt pony riding mower

  16. Hi Donny,. I have seen you use a small air tool with a small round scrubby pad on it for cleaning heads etc, where did you get it

  17. On my old mower,when I remove carburetor compression stroke is easy like other strokes and when I put carburetor compression is only little bit stronger.So that is probably bad intake valve?

  18. every pull cord you have shown has either a bolt to undo or metal flap
    to bend back, mine does not have either it looks like it machine pressed
    on and I can get it apart, can you advise please

  19. shit, I picked up a roto tiller off the side of the road and it was locked up, I broke free the piston and sanded the rough edges on the cylinder and cleaned the valves, and sanded the head a little and its ran for years, smokes but runs great

  20. well explained videos my friend… on my briggs and Stratton 5hp stand up , compression is 90psi,,, checked for spark all good there ,, sprayed starting fluid down the throat ,, no life at all… next step is carb rebuild,, but what baffels me is  it should at least run for a few sec, with starter fluid if the carb is bad ,, any tips?

  21. Hello Donyboy, first time subscriber to your channel and I have a question. I have a craftsman pressure washer that I hadn't used in a while and when I tried to start it, it wouldn't start unless I used some starting fluid in the spark plug hole. I checked the compression and it was at 30 psi the first time and then added a about .5 ounce of oil in the cylinder and got about 80 psi after pulling it about 5-7 times. Spark is good and the fuel is new after I took the carburetor apart and cleaned it out to include the fuel tank that had some gel like substance in it near the screen at the outlet hole on the bottom. What other things should I check? Also, i removed the pump to make it easier to try and start it. I will take the pump apart and clean it out also.

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