Dissolving carbon buildup from pistons – Cleaning piston ring grooves engine rebuild compression

Cleaning horrible carbon buildup from the pistons and ring grooves. I had tried many things including scraping, soaking, etc. I tried various products including seafoam and Marvel Mystery Oil MMO Soak with no success. I finally tried this Berryman’s Chemtool which worked great.

Rebuilding my Saturn 1.9 DOHC engine with new rings, bearings, seals, etc. due to a low compression in cylinder 3 situation. The engine was old and it was time for an overhaul.



20 thoughts on “Dissolving carbon buildup from pistons – Cleaning piston ring grooves engine rebuild compression

  1. I used B-12  chemical clear 25 almost 30 years ago! it's always does a good job. you use to be able to buy it in 5 gallon bucks. not cheap but it gets the job done!

  2. The worst car I ever bought was a brand new 1995 Saturn SL. Pistons were always full of carbon and getting the spark plugs filled up with gunk and had to replace them every couple of months. They replaced the pistons for free at 30K miles, then when the warranty was expired I noticed the spark plugs getting dirty again. It had oil/filter changes often and burned oil. Worst car I ever bought. I will never buy a Saturn again.

  3. Heat the piston rings with a propane torch for a couple of minutes until rings become unseize.If rings are still seized after this procedure use a combination of penetrating oil and heat to free them.

  4. I just use Easy-Off oven cleaner and old tooth brushes but that Chem dip works well. Solvents don't do much against carbon deposits

  5. After you soak it in Berryman carb-parts cleaner, which I have, what do you use to remove all the cleaner residue and then what do you do for the needle bearings for the wrist pin as far as lubricating them? Needle bearing grease, or just coat them good with 2 cycle oil?  Maybe some one can give some advice. I think I will ask a boat mechanic before using this stuff on my pistons, even though I don't think it will hurt if I get all the Berryman's off and lubricate the bearings. I also thought about putting the piston deep enough to get to the grooves but not deep enough to submerge the wrist pins.

  6. The absolute best carbon remover is a "AIR INTAKE CLEANER" nothing else comes close or near as fast.

  7. That stuff used to be much better years ago. It was so toxic that it stunk up garages even lidded. Reformulation is not as toxic or fast acting.

  8. when I was a kid working on anything I could get my hands on, and old airplane mechanic told me to rev up my flat head Ford 59 a.b that I was going to take apart , to around 2000 r,p.m. and por water in the carburetor 5 or 6 time's, and it would spit and sputter and back fire, and it would clean the carbon off the pistons and combustion chamber, well I did it and it worked, so I have been doing this every time since, on ever engine I have had to build, that would still run,. in a few cases when I was to broke to fix it at the time and had to drive it regardless and it burned a lot of oil and smoked real bad sometimes it cut the oil usage in half, and the smoke the same way. try it before you take it apart, it will be much cleaner in side .

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