DIY – Carburetor Replacement On Lawn Tractor With Briggs & Stratton Engine

Easy to follow instructions from The Small Engine Doctor on how to replace the carburetor on your lawn tractor with a Briggs & Stratton engine.

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28 thoughts on “DIY – Carburetor Replacement On Lawn Tractor With Briggs & Stratton Engine

  1. A+ video!

    My 17.5 Briggs is revving too high all of a sudden after mowing for a couple hours. Can you help me figure out what the problem is?


  2. i have a riding mower with a very similar carb. it is on an 18 horse briggs, when i first got it the engine was needing a valve adjustment to help the starter turn the fly wheel, they were 12 thousandths. after i fixed that the engine had a slight miss, so i went through the carb. after cleaning it the miss left but now it runs good for about 12-20 seconds then almost dies, blows black smoke and picks up and runs again for about 12 seconds then repeats the cycle. also the carb is overflowing now because since i cleaned it the needle is not seating right. i thought maybe i lost the seat but it has a rubber tipped needle. either way do you think this bogging down then blowing black smoke is fuel/ carb or valve related? i ordered a new carb because i was somewhat banking on that being the issue as it seems to be over fueling. however i was wondering if a bad valve adjustment would create this symptom if i got the fuel valve set to tight keeping it open a tad causing excessive fuel draw.. i got the valves at about 5 thousandths now but maybe i need to check them again, thanks to your other video i was able to do this.

  3. I have been needing to find a video about how to replace the carburetor on a 1998 Murray with a 17hp Tecumseh engine. This carburetor looks like the one I am replacing. I hope it works. The only difference seems to be that my breather cover has two screws instead of just one.

  4. Before I replace the new carburetor on the engine could I copy the adjustment screw that's on the old carburetor so that I don't have to do any adjustments once I start the engine?

  5. Is that type of carb not rebuildable? Is it not necessary to put some locktite on all the bolts you are putting back? Nice video!! Thanks for sharing your talent.

  6. why not rebuild the old carb? I've rebuilt tons of old carbs they usually only need cleaned? not hating, great video only asking I've never had to buy a new carb

  7. Nice video , I was working on a similar engine today on a tractor that has been sitting for years, emptied the old gas out and still wouldn't start i will use your video as a guide to clean the carburetor, do you think it is all gummed up?

  8. Dony I have a carb prob. Same as the one u did in this vid. It has a different solenoid on the bottom of the bowl. It was leaking so I tightened the solenoid and it broke. Can I replace the solinoid or do I have to replace the carb???

  9. Very useful, thanks Donyboy – the video is also a very good quality.

    I came here to see how the governor cable and spring hooks up to the throttle butterfly lever. I am reinstalling my carb (after a strip, clean and paint of the entire tractor) and the throttle stays open all the way – just with more or less tension according to the plastic slider position that is controlled by the throttle cable. Is this right or should the governor close the throttle when the throttle cable is pushed to the idle position?

  10. hoooooo wheeeeeeee! a GENUINE carb. that mustve costed a fortune. lol( i always rebuild or use aftermarket)

    your vids are always packed with information. keep them coming?

  11. Don I followed your video very closely, the new carb went on great. Lawnmower started right up, but keeps surging. when i put the throttle to low it runs smooth, but when I try to get some speed it starts to surge and then quits. What can I do to get this running better? Thanks for the video and help.

  12. Got a free Craftsman LT1000. It had been sitting outdoors for at least five years.
    Both the rear tires were flat… Replaced the carburetor for $89, Rear tire tubes for $26 and the blades for $32 and later the mower deck belt for $16, air filter $14, oil change $4, cup holder $5. It runs great and has earned its keep already this summer.

    You can't appreciate a lawn tractor until you've spent 30 years pushing a mower….

  13. I can't find these part numbers for my 13.5 horse Briggs and stratton. I have a Nikki carburetor that I have to replace please help I need to know where I can get this carburetor. Thanks in advance

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