34 thoughts on “DIY How to Degrease/Clean your Engine – Winston Buzon

  1. that stuff is awsome my grandpa showed me that years ago and i have used it ever since then after i spray it with a pressure washer and it looks brand new i reckamend it to anyone

  2. Get your self a Tool Shop® Engine Cleaning Kit you can check them out at like menards or other harware stores… it has a tube to suck up the cemicals and will spray out for you… just connect it to your compressor and go

  3. Looks good Winston. However, please use a catch pan under your work to catch any runoff from your degreasing. After you are done pour the sludge into a suitable container and take it to the hazardous waste disposal site in your area. That sludge that you are making by dissolving the oil, grease, and grime on the transmission saturates the cardboard and then runs off into the ground contaminating the soil and causing a lot of problems with the ground water.

  4. best place to do this is at the powerwash at a gas station.. they have a grease catch…(atleast here in europe)
    And if you have someone who makes biodiesel nearby , get some glycerol from him, use a brush to put it on , and rinse off after. it will be as new. (used it on my 23yo car engine)

  5. I've used Mineral Spirits to clean engines and transmissions before. Works really well and I like that it doesn't stink and it leaves aluminum looking better than harsh degreasers that etch the metal. I prefer this method because I actually care about how the metal looks when you are done.

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