Does Liqui Moly CeraTec work? Let’s find out!

Does Liqui Moly CeraTec actually work? The manufacturer claims it will reduces friction and wear, prevents metal-to-metal contact, and reduces fuel consumption. In this video, we test those claims.
Here’s the link to the video on how the lubricity tester works:
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48 thoughts on “Does Liqui Moly CeraTec work? Let’s find out!

  1. I've seen your other video with the Seafoam stuff. Great job on testing this product, I look foward to seeing what else you'll test. : )

  2. Mate, i think you should be testing the Liqui Moly rasenmäher- oil SAE 30 which is a product specifically for lawn mowers! The product you are testing
    is for cars. This video is ridiculous! I think you are misleading a lot of people!

  3. how are you project farm 😃. I would like to learn what happens when we connect loads to the alternator generator. that is, if it decreases, it increases or maintains RPM when we connect loads. a hug from Argentina.

  4. Update I added this, before I knew its is not recommend for Variable Vane, engines. My VW golf turbo failed, my Toyota VVTi had issues, and even my 1980s ford CVH engine started to smoke. Not good!

  5. like your vids but sooo many other factors go into a good engine oil. Who knows what that stuff is doing to the oil longevity, stability etc.. Also it looks like water in the oil which kind of blows goats.

  6. All boron based additives improve with run in time . It took about 500 miles before I saw the full benefit of Archoil AR9100; although Atom Oil is only $10 for 16 oz (at Walmart) versus $42 for the same amount of AR9100 on Amazon. The Atom Oil performs as well or better than the Archoil, in my opinion.

  7. Just in case some viewers wonder if I am a paid person for mentionnong AMSOIL NO I have been using AMSOIL for approximately 20 years abd the use of oil additives is a complete waste of money !

  8. A week ago I put one can into my LR Defender 2.4 Tdci (Ford Puma engine) and I couldn't believe to see that my mileage went back to what it was 3 years ago. Before Ceratec – 22 Imperial MPG on a highway, after – 28 Imperial MPG. 30.64 imperial MPG on country roads. Wow! Has anybody had similar gains?

  9. I have a suggestion for a more telling test. The lubricity tester is run to failure. All the bearings fail and all have similar damage. Makes sense. How about using a weight on the arm for a set time and see how much damage occurs. Not going to failure should give a better chance of showing how much wear is reduced.

  10. I've been waiting on this video. Excellent content , you make the best engine product testing videos on YouTube. Love your content.

  11. do a zinc oil comparison test on your friction machine , use only straight weight oil W30 , VR1 vs Amsoil, vs Liquid moly vs any other high zinc oil product, also do a test adding Nano-carbon graphite material to the oil and see what this does

  12. A lot of effort went into your videos! I thank you for helping to clear the smoke. BTW, can you do a video on Polytron MTC? There are lots of videos making fantastic claims of what it can do. Would be good if we know if it is just another snake oil.

  13. I think it may be time to put a 4 cylinder car motor on an engine stand and test oil filters for plugging and many different results. If you cant afford it I understand. Also how do you find time to farm the property and manage a personal life? Good Lord! Very unselfish thing your doing for the rest of us. Much appreciated! Dont forget to test the cold pour of engine oils in below f weather. I need to know the best oil for brutal cold weather starts in my snow blower. Winter is coming and Im getting nervous. Will engine restore work in minus 20f weather? Oh the questions lol

  14. Not very good resluts overall. Can you start testing your best products like engine restore against these other more questionable products. It appears to me that it had worse cylinder scoring.

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