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27 thoughts on “Donyboy73 “Don The Small Engine Doctor” Channel Promo 2014

  1. Donyboy73 You have saved me so much money on my Stihl blower and string trimmer. Thank you. I have a Honda power washer that the pull start is very hard to pull. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks, Byron in Texas

  2. I have a FL20 711794 weedeater. I just replaced the carb. filled with gas new filter.. It started. High idle. Ran for a 2 minutes and stalled. The unit was starting to smoke out of the vents for engine. What am I doing wrong,

  3. I have two Tecumseh 10 hp engines with the heads off. When you turn them over by hand there is a small clunk when the piston changes direction at the bottom, what is this? They sounded fine running, does the decompression unit make this clunk? HELP!

  4. How to fix a Toro 824 Powershift that won't stopI have a Snowblower Toro 824 Powershift and the motor does not turn off.I close the Throttle and the Choke and the motor still working.Do you have a solution to resolve this problem?Photos and videos will be appreciated.Thanks for your collaboration!

  5. Don, I have an 8 hp Toro snowthrower (Model # 38080, 1985). I've not ever changed it's drive belts. (It hasn't seen a lot of use). Said belts are rather stiff, but not frayed. ¿Will replacing them help it to better throw snow, kindly? I love your videos. Thank you so much for posting them. (I have had to replace it's carb in '03 because of surging (plugged air vents).

  6. I took the carb apart cleaned before realizing the primer bulb had a hole in it. The fuel mix now fills the new primer bulb, still won't start. Wouldn't start with starter fluid either. I'm under the weather so the spark plug is next….tomorrow.

  7. You've been a great help in the past. I am unable to get my Stihl ms250 chainsaw to crank when I pull the recoil cord, it seems to be bound up. i have checked the cord and spindle and it is free. if you have a suggestion that would be great. Thanks

  8. Hi, Donyboy73 ..i have did my valvs ajustments with the seting you had gave to me..and thay are the right seting..but my exhaust manifold was still geting what i had to do was turn down each valve ajustment.. just a few threads down..and then come back up again…and when the valve stop comeing up…i stoped turning..did the seckend valve..worked just great. exhaust manifold do not get red any more.. maybe it was Used a little to much..the valvs ..maybe this why the gage didn't work..thank again ..

  9. I just watched your video on replacing the pulley for the HRR216VKA Honda self propelled mower. I also need to replace the belt. Do you have a video of that. I have watched another, but the pulley is different on that one. I love how detailed you are. I hate loading this thing up and carting it to be repaired and paying someone else to do what I should be able to do. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for the help with storing the snowblower. (I gather you're a fellow Canuck, eh?) Would love to see a how-to-organize-your-shop video. I watched the tour video but advice and focus on organizing would be helpful, I think. Being organized saves time and money!

  11. Hi, I just want to start off by saying that I love your videos. They have help me with numerous issues with my snowblowers. I appreciate you making these videos. Wondering if you can help me with an issue that I have with my power washer. After running the power washer for about an hour I wasn't able to pull the starter cord. I checked to make sure that there was oil in the engine and topped it off. I pulled the spark plug and was able to pull the cord freely. I replaced it with a new spark plug and was able to start the engine and push the choke in but as soon as I pulled the trigger on the pressure washer gun the engine stopped. Do you have any recommendations on what I can check for or what to do? Should I remove the carb and clean it again as I already did it in the beginning of the season.

  12. starter wire clip broken off 917370770 Craftsman Mower
    at the end of the harness one wire goes to the
    starter and another wire goes to the opposite side of the engine and
    connects to some little box, on the box there's 2 places to connect the
    wires. one clip is broken off the little box and that wire goes back
    around the engine to the starter. What is that little box that has 2 clips
    on it to connect the wires to. the starter will not work, have to pull
    start it.The mower starts great with the pull. Today, I removed that little box to look at it then replaced it. Now the mower will not start with the pull. Is there a special way to install that part. Does it have to make contact something. It is attached to the engine with one small screw.Thanks

  13. Love your videos. Recently removed my carb from a 10 hp Briggs, older about 40 years old. Small engine shop got carb cleaned up good and motor runs great except full throttle. Maybe something happened when i disconnected linkages. When i move throttle and watch other end of the cable i don't see movement at the carb for speed control.

  14. Thanks for the ms180c rope repair, but what caused the failure. I have had the same problem and stihl tells me I pulled too long or too hard on the rope. It has happened twice on a new saw.

  15. Don, love your videos. They have helped me countless times. I have friends dropping of small engine repair work now. Keep up the good works and videos! – Skip

  16. Is it necessary to have the clip attached to the needle valve for the snowblower to operate? It is snowing like hell and today is sunday. The mechanic that rebuilt my carb is not open until tomorrow, and I think the clip was not used. The machine operated for an hour or so. The next time I started it fuel overflowed like I was constantly priming it. after watching several of your videos I got no specific information about this particular problem except overpriming. Please answer soon, this storm will turn to rain, then ?????

  17. Donnyboy73- I need to know how to adjust the hi & low screws on my Stihl fs/km 130 motor. I removed the caps & there is more than 3 complete turns before the hi screw seats. 3 or more turns from running fine to seated seems like an awful lot.
    Please make a video on this – I need some advice! Help!

  18. Hello! Mr. Don.. @donyboy73. Question…I have a Briggs and Stratton 5500 8250Watt Generator …. i was watching your video about the rob and also the hole it made… mine did the same thing and I can;t get the part to fix, I call briggs customer service, sent me to a dealer but nothing…. wondering if you can help me with some steps to get it fix,…the hole and the Rod piston…Thank you

  19. Hey Don! Can you provide me with a used "T" shaped "plastic housing" for the electric start switch, used on most small engine electric starters? The box with the red button, plug for the A/C cord and the starter cord. All I really need is the "housing" …. starter and switch are good. Thanks, Tom

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