27 thoughts on ““DONYBOY73 TRIBUTE VIDEO” my favorite tips and repairs from the small engine king

  1. wowie, you really love Don Desjardin's channel LOL. This video was done way back in 2013… I say…. it's time for a updated 2018 video ! I'd love to see it ! Agreed too Dony is a great teacher !

  2. yes I have watched him yes back starting to catchup maybe one day he will be Donny Man…just kidding enjoy all your tips and trick and diag, and right way and wrong way so Regan be on the ball
    thank Donny

  3. Donyboy ,,I've got a Craftsman riding mower,,,17 or 18 hp Briggs. it start's and run's great for about 20 minutes,,and then start's to sputter and almost shut's down. I've cleaned the gas tank,,the gas lines,added fresh clean fuel,cleaned the Carb. it has a NIKKI Carb. I even put another coil on it ,,,and I tried another solinoid switch that goes under the gas bowl,,,nothing change's any ideas ?? thanks for all Your GREAT videos

  4. Don is a great guy. I'm a small engine mechanic as well and I've still learned some things. Great guy to learn from. I've often thought about taking a vacation and going to Ontario just to see don and his shop in person.

  5. A suggestion for installing nuts in hard to reach places like a carburetor.  Place the nut on a flat surface, tear off a small corner of a paper towel and place it over the nut. Push your socket or nut driver onto the nut, the paper towel will hold it in the socket. When you remove the socket, the paper towel bit will also come off.  Works great, try it.

  6. donyboy73, jeremy fountain, and ericthecarguy are the best that youtube has to offer. I have watched a lot of of the videos from these three and all of them offer well explained repairs and tips. Great tribute to donyboy73. Keep up the great work!

  7. Watched all your vids at least once. Need help on my Husky 65. What is the purpose of the second gasket from carb next to spacer. I guess it prevents air leaks and running lean. My brother says we don't need it. Hard to find parts for the 1968-1981 A 65 Husky.

    Tks Ken

  8. Well done. Now its time for your tribute video my friend. Love your videos..Short, informative and to the point. Thanks for you time..

  9. Up until two weeks ago, Donyboy73 was the only channel that I subscribed to. I have been a subsciber of Donys for two years and also became a small engine mechanic with-in those two years. I was looking for instrutional videos and found that Donys videos helped answer many questions that I had. Donys the best at making small engine instrutional videos out there. Thanks for posting the video, we can all learn for Dony.

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