36 thoughts on “dr field and brush mower repair

  1. You need a try pod for your camera . Also you need a preasurewasher to clean those units before you work on them. A small electric preasurewasher would do great.

  2. hello, I love your videos!!! I have a Craftsman DYT 4000 exactly like the one at the beginning of the video. it seems to be running very rich and will surge at idle until the plug fouls. Here is the kicker, I don't belive it can be carb related. I have had 3 carbs on it (one was new!) with the exact same rich condition. Is anyone else out there ever had this problem? Is there an electrical issue?

  3. I had three brush-cutters stolen from me until I started replacing the spark plug when I was done using it. Removed the electrode on the plug and inserted into engine next time at camp it wasn't where I left it but still there changed plug checked oil fired right up.

    Great step by step videos.

  4. It looked fine to me but all my stuff looks like that. I've got an old Roof that works like that but has a Snapper drive so you don't have to run if you don't want to. 8 horse I/C/ that sat for 12 years but runs like a champ. And if that one won't do it the Gravely with the Kohler will. Watched your stuff for a long time and finally subscribed. Glad to be here!

  5. Could you get the numbers fir the Dr Field mower???I have an old own just like yours and need to figure out how the belts run…Thanks…

  6. I'm hooked on watching your videos. Great learning tool Growing up my dad always told me "If a man owns something he needs to know how to fix it" never had a repair man at our house. Now I am a maintenance supervisor fo a property services company.

  7. great work and vids, people here in northern lower michigan do not put anything out to the road for free- you are fortunate! keep up the good work god bless

  8. But if you incorporate a china Farnicastaff in this machine……people would know it wasn't worth stealing….just don't use an USA made one

  9. Mustie1, Have been enjoying your videos. This one was a blast from the past for me as I used to own one of these machines. Bought it new back in 96 and used the piss out of it clearing the overgrown land my place rests on. It was a great machine and served me well. Replaced the tires as we actually wore the tread off of them. Found a the replacements at Northern Tool. They had a cart wheel with the same tire. Gave it to my wife's uncle as I didn't have a need for it any longer. Only gripe I ever had was when it came time to remove the blade for sharpening or replacement. They can be a bear due to thread and nut size. It's too bad that they don't make this simple machine any longer. I understand that there were lawsuits brought against the design due to some fools not turning the machine off while cleaning debris from under the deck. Cheers!

  10. Not sure how old this video is but I was wondering your plans for the green craftsman garden tractor at the beginning of the video

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