Drive Cable Repair Replacement Lawnmower Troy Bilt

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This is a video on how to repair or replace a drive cable on a lawnmower. The drive cable is used for front or rear wheel drive lawnmowers. My drive cable snapped so I though it might be useful to post this. The replacement was done on a Troy-Bilt with a Briggs & Stratton engine which I bought at Lowes years ago. This was an easy job that can be done by any homeowner or DIY person.

This video is being performed by a home owner/DIY person. Any attempt to repair/maintain lawnmowers carries risk of personal injury. Always adhere and follow safe practices when working on lawnmowers. No guarantee or warranty is implied. Use the information in this video at your own risk. If you don’t think you can perform the job then be smart and don’t.



24 thoughts on “Drive Cable Repair Replacement Lawnmower Troy Bilt

  1. Mine was brand new ran twice and found the 2 screws that go into the plastic cover through the deck by blades hanging over halfway down towards the blade….yikes…thanks to vid i knew they held the cover on and removed the cover and found they were not screwed into the plastic cover at all but sideways into the outside of where the screw goes… whoever assembled mine could not line the screw up and said fuck it….10 minutes later i had to thread the holes for the first time myself but shes back together and like new…

  2. Thanks! Mine was just a belt popped off the pulley but I doubt it's ever been changed so it needs to be done. I needed to see what bolts to remove to get the front belt cover off. Mine is slightly different,but basically the same. My Troy Built has a different handle for the wheel drive. Kind of a pistol grip I guess. Anyone know what that belt number would be–or where the exact model number would be? Thanks again!

  3. My model was slightly different in the bolts. You saved me a lot of time and I thank you. I added lubing the cables at the end of the season to my maintenance list since mine froze I guess with rust internally and I had to eventually replace both of them as they froze solid. I also added belt dressing to my maintenance routine. Thanks again.

  4. Just a question of the link you posted is this the same link for the same part that you got because I have the same mower the same problem

  5. Thank for this video. Had the belt come off the front pulley. Your video showed which screws to remove in order to access the belt. Total repair time: 15 minutes.

  6. Thank You Sir! I have a Snapper SP80, and looked all over YT and the Web for info on doing this repair. The Troy Bilt is the same mower – easy fix once I found this viewed.

  7. Dude!! You can lead the blind!! Thank you for these videos. Now if only I can put it back together and make it work. Sweet!! Serious gratitude!!

  8. FYI, the basic disassembly process for a Honda-powered Troy-Bilt is exactly the same except the plastic cover has only one screw per side on top, not two. The other end of the control cable goes into a housing at the top of the handle, with a (almost buried and difficult to turn) tension adjustment screw. It has a one-hand control lever more like a motorcycle brake/clutch rather than a wide one like yours. I hope I don't have to replace the cable, since it will mean more disassembly than yours, but your video was handy in illustrating how to get at the works.

  9. Just wanted to thank guys like yourself for posting these informative videos. I would have purchased a new mower and this one runs fine. Just the drive lone issues. which is now fixed. ?

  10. Is there another part you need to order other than the drive cable when you go to install the cable? It looks like the end of our drive cable near the engine was severed so we aren't sure if there is another part we need.

  11. Very good staight foward video,i have a similar Craftsman mower i don't need the cable to be seviced but when the time comes i already have an idea or i can come back to the video here. Thanks for posting.

  12. I have a Troy Built 6.75 hp mower with the left front  (looking from the front) Spline wheel locked up. How does that wheel turn with spline on the wheel shaft that will not turn/Can  anyone help me out here?
    The splined part looks to be pressed on the shaft.

  13. Is there any way to adjust the walking speed of a self propelled troy-bilt 12a-46-mo11 model 
    I have had hip surgery and the mower pulls me too fast.

  14. Thanks!  had the belt slip off the pulley, rather than the cable breaking, but the instructions on getting the cover off were spot on.

  15. Great video, but why unplug the spark plug? There's no reason to do that on this type of lawnmower, sure it won't hurt but there's no way it's going to start and not a safety concern.  And remember, when tilting your lawnmower on the side 1. Make sure your gas cap and oil cap are on tight (or just drain the gas and oil). 2.  ALWAYS tilt your mower with the carburetor facing up so that gas doesn't leak everywhere and doesn't flood the carb. Other than that I needed a close up of the drive assembly and your video helped me out thanks!

  16. I don't know if mine has snapped, but the SP lever is real mushy like there is no tension. I was just going to rough it and push until the grass stops growing. Where did you get your cable, and how much did it cost? I wonder how much the locals would charge to fix it? Both of our shops charge $70/hr. Almost dishonest. Definitely price gouging.
    I am afraid to get a riding mower, lol.

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