Easiest Way To Fix A Common Briggs Plastic Carburetor Problem – Video

If your lawn mower wont start, here is the quickest, easiest and fastest way to repair or fix a common problem with Briggs and Stratton square plastic carburetor lawnmowers. How to repair a no start issue.

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45 thoughts on “Easiest Way To Fix A Common Briggs Plastic Carburetor Problem – Video

  1. Thanks fo the great videos Steve. I have heard that the new plastic carbs they have a small jets that you need to drill a bigger hole so gas goes on, and use tru fuel.

  2. Steve,

    I can't believe how easy this is. I was dreading opening it up and clean the carburetor. I am so glad this video popped up as a suggestion based on my viewing Br & Str repair.

    Exactly what you said : "Stuck valve." 4 min job and that included pumping out the gas in preparation to clean the carburetor.

    I'm taking way longer to type this thank you message LOL

    Thank you Steve. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. 90% of the time tho, its the shitty ethenal gas. these carbs are easy to drop the bowl and clean. i did learn something tho steve!

  4. I checked the butterfly linkage and it's good. I replaced the carb with a brand new one. I cleaned the tank and replaced the gas with ethanol free gas. It still won't crank. I squirted some carb cleaner inside and it fired up for 3 seconds. I'm at a loss. 😔

    When you pull the brake handle is it supposed to move the linkage on the carb? I don't see any movement when I do that.

  5. My murray has a linkage that goes from the carb to the back of the mower, probably gov. Then there is a spring that pulls that linkage back to the carb keeping it open. I bent the tab the spring is connected to, towards the rear and it allows the gov to pull back and close the choke.
    Thanks for the video. Always helpful.

  6. 👍 Steve, my 4 year old Toro w/B&S engine has plastic carburetor. It now starts but then shuts off after a few minutes. I’m guessing carburetor needs cleaned.

  7. Regarding getting the cover off, would you be able to suggest which size socket is needed to get these star bolts out? I have tried several fittings and none seem to do what i need to get the cover off. Thank you.

  8. You should change your name to “ONE PULL STEVE”! This tip turned my POS Toro into a monster cutting machine! Now it always starts on first pull and saves me hours from tinkering with the mower every time I use it! Thank you for the great fix! Please let me buy you a beer!

  9. Thanks for the video Steve – I did not have this exact problem but after I watched and checked the mower, I realized something is missing in this picture. My choke return spring was gone!

  10. Briggs is trash now. My 1 year old edge cutter which was drained and stored ( and only ran maybe 3 hours in life) wouldn't start. The ancient briggs equipment fires first pull. Probably going with Honda engines now.

  11. I have a plastic carb. Never been modified. Used 3xs. Choke is open. I'm assuming it's supposed to be since its new. Junk won't start

  12. Your video was so clear I tried looking for this problem on my non-starting B&S even though I’m not experienced at this. The problem was indeed the choke jammed, but instead of that lever stuck on the housing it was the two linkage rods binding against each other. Generalizing your advice to adjust for free movement of parts, I freed the rods and this mower then started right up. Thanks Steve!

  13. watched this video after taking that POS carb abart a half dosen times. I saw your solution with the tiny jet, FIXED started first pull. Thanks

  14. I have a brute 22" lawnmower Briggs & Stratton I change the coil spark plug clean the carburetor and it still won't start

  15. Hey Steve thanks for all information and videos. Clean carb like you said used a torch tip cleaner and brake cleaner . Fixed no start issue on BS mower started first pull !!! Thanks again

  16. So, I have a B&S pressure washer. Used it once. Won't start up again. Carb choke is closed and spraying carburetor starter won't get it going either. Any thoughts?

  17. I really enjoy the video….I did what you did….now I have problem…the silver button that controls the choke stays open…..I have wait till it cools…what is the name of the silver button and long metal rod that goes from the button to the carberator? Thanks

  18. Me: "No way that's my problem". <walks into garage and looks at mower> "Holy crap, that IS my problem"
    Thanks Steve!

  19. Steve you are a genius! already fixed the mower using your plastic carburetor video then after a couple of runs it wont start! So watched your vid and went outside sure enough it was sticking so fixed that and she runs sweetly again! Thanks Man!

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