1. Hello – I replaced the drive belt. ( 5:27 on your video ) Now I am having trouble attaching the clutch cable housing guide back onto the bracket on the deck. Looks like it slides in horizontal and then turns vertical. I see there is a cut space and just cannot get it to move into place…. Can you give me a tip?

  2. Hello BOBBIE44094, That deck mounted bracket looks more cofusing than it is, just insert the plastic cable guide thru the back side of the bracket. I know it looks as though it should come through the side and twist lock in place but that's not the case, just insert from back to front make sure to slide your plastic spacer into place and put the hairpin back thru the hole and presto!!! you are back to cutting grass….. yipee

  3. Ok – thanks! I took the deck off again and am trying to figure out the springs – there are two on the deck and then the third is on that clutch cable …. I will look at your video and see if I can see these. Many thanks again!

  4. Hello again, the spring you are having trouble with attatches to the arm that slows the pulley down after you disengage the blades, from there it goes 180 degrees strait backwards towards the rear of the deck where it finds a 4 inch verticle bracket with a groove towards the top, thats where the spring rides..if you need a pic pm me… thanks again for watching and good luck!!!!

  5. I looked and see where to attach it – thanks again for all of your help. Sure has made things easy for me after days of searching!

  6. Thanks for the video, getting ready to try it myself. I've got a real similar model, 17hp 42 inch, and have a bent blade. Got a new set but I'm having trouble removing the blade. I haven't taken my deck off yet (was going to try and put the belt on without removing it completely, but it looks like I need to just remove the whole thing. Also, I put a new bearing tower in a couple of years ago (ouch, it was 90 bucks) and the bearings are already noisy. Do these have grease zerts or a way to lube?

  7. Sometimes the bolts that hold the blades on can be a pain but if you find the right leverage (small pipe to slip over the end of the ratchet) theres nothing to it!!!!! Just be sure to hold the blade still.. On the other hand if you havent taken your deck off in a few years you can take this time to clean it really well..NO zirc fittings just sealed bearings.. make sure the noise is not a missing brake shoe on the belt tensioner, just pull the tensioner while spinning the blade by hand & goodluck

  8. The belt on the 42" is routed so that you don't need to remove the deck to change the belt. I have changed mine several times without removing the pins just drop the deck all the way down to it's lowest position where it is pretty much just sitting on the ground.

  9. This video is ment more to give a better understanding/function/maintenance of the deck. rather than a quick belt change, but thanks anyway

  10. Thanks. I found this while looking how to do a belt change. Then I realized I could just swap it out without all of this BUT it is going to be handy when I drop the deck and attach my snow plow.

  11. What size belt were you using? I have a craftsman 42" cut, bought a 42" belt, but it seems to small. Wasnt sure if I need a 46" or 48". Cant find info on it anywhere.

  12. Most craftsman mowers have the belt part number on the label under the hood. Most shops will cross the o.e. number with one they carry.

  13. Hey, My friend has a Craftsman 42" LT2000. The Sears man has been to her house several times and sent dozens of belts. When you go to mow, within 20 ft of engaging the deck, the belt pops off. My neighbor bought the same mower last year, he too is having the same exact problem. You go, within 20 ft the belt pops off. @ exact mowers with the same problem. Would you know what could be the issue so I can tell them. Thanks!!!

  14. Thanks for the help with this video, man. We really appreciate it. BUT
    … the greatest football rivalry is not AL vs. Auburn– it's AL vs. LSU. And someday, we will get that crystal ball back from y'all! Maybe this year? Hope so… Purple/Gold– Geaux Tigers!

  15. Easy to understand and SEE! There are a lot of "How To" videos on putting the belt and deck back on, but yours is the easiest to see because it's well lit. Thanks! Wish I had found your video first.

  16. Why is it so hard to find out what size v-belt I need for an ordinary Sears Craftsman riding mower? I would think the belt size would be as obvious as the tire size.

    Instead, I am unable after considerable effort to learn the basic dimensions of the belt I need for my 38" riding mower. Sears doesn't reveal the size online or in the owner's manual. Even when I chatted live online with a Sears parts person, he would not give me the dimensions; he just repeated over and over that he would be glad to order the part for me.
    What MBA genius told Sears they'd increase profits tremendously by making it difficult for Craftsman mower owners to buy a v-belt locally?

    Even other belt sellers (and their websites) show nothing useful to find a comparable v-belt. No indication anywhere that an alternative-brand seller could help by looking up the Sears part number.

    Why all the mystery? Are v-belts now the most profitable after-market product in the nation?

  17. The way I go about finding the correct belt for my mower is this:
    I first find the OEM part number then go to google and type in the craftsman part number and by doing that you will usually end up with the belt length and width. You can always order your belt from a factory supplier but in a pinch that is what I do. My 2 belts are 1/2 by 82" and 1/2 by 95.

  18. The video is great and thanks I did everything but am being tortured trying to get the cable back into place, I get it close but the spring is so strong that I cannot get it the rest of the way into place. Everything else has gone smooth as silk..
    What am I doing wrong any tricks to out muscle the very strong spring 

  19. So I followed your instructions to a tee. Every things back, pins all in. I tried the gear to start the mowers and no tension. I started the mower to take back to garage and the mowers started. No tension on gear but mowers running. I cut some grass with no problem. When I shut the mower off, the blades stopped.

    Any help would be helpful. I wonder who won the football game. 

    Johnny Lade

  20. Watched  the video  was good tool,I have a sears LT-1000 . Got it on a trade. New battery, and it runs! BUT it SMOKE's like crazy . any suggestions?

  21. I have a DYT4000 42" Craftsman. My deck belt just started making a bad sound. I checked and it had a few cracks. Worked fine two weeks ago. anyway thanks for the video on how to change belt. I couldn't stop laughing when you mentioned the Alabama vs Auburn game. Thanks again RTR.

  22. best video I've found for this repair. Good use of camera in a tight spot.
    Waiting for my belt but the deck came off easily.

  23. thank you! husband and i bought a craftsman 1500 last week at a yard sale. the cutting deck was off. we were having a hard time with the belt. not spinning like its supposed to. i see what we did wrong. the cable wasnt put back correctly. ive watched 5 of these videos so far. this is the best. not too much talking and straight to the point. well done!

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