24 thoughts on “Easy Low Engine Compression Repair on Honda Lawnmower – MUST SEE

  1. Getting the old silicone off is a big pain in the ass. It’s a lot easier to remove it with a dremel tool with a brass wire wheel brush. I recommend using blue painter’s tape to tape off the valve components to help protect the engine from the flying old silicone particles, 4 pieces of tape should do. Once the engine is taped off, go to town 🙂

  2. got a question to you donyboy73 what causes a mower to have higher than normal compression bandq 3.5 lma 118cc engine

  3. This has happened to my gcv160 twice, when I really push it to its limits. It's a pretty weak engine, can't handle the deep stuff like my 30 year old 2-stroke Lawn Boy.

  4. Shouldn't you check the gap on the valves since it was obviously abused? I would think they may be out of adjustment. You may have done that and just didn't put it on film. Love your videos!

  5. 8 million videos on when the starter rope will NOT pull out or recoil. However,, have yet to find one about when the starter rope pulls with little or no resistance, recoils fine, but does not engage or start the mower. Shaft not locked up spins ridiculously free, and sounds like someone popping their hand over their mouth.

  6. I have watched many of your videos and learned a lot, but for the first time, I am disappointed in this video. I don't think you should make video of cutting such basic corners as not properly cleaning off all the old sealant and not cleaning the inside of the valve cover off and then letting that oil run down and contaminate the new sealant before it cures.

  7. I have a mallet and a hammer, i call them "The pursuaders". I don't use the hammer much, but the mallet i use to get very tight bolts/spark plugs off. Great video!

  8. I purchased a Honda Quadra-Cut yesterday I almost passed on because there was very little compression. I remembered this video once I noticed the smashed OHV cover. Hoping it will be an easy fix money maker. I actually am going to try pounding it out in the kids sandbox to see how smooth it might come out. Thanks DB73 !

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