Echo Weed Eater Model SRM-225 New Filter Carburetor Gasket Replacement – Part II – Oct 29, 2013

This is Part II showing installing the OEM Tank Gas Filter for this Echo which did not fix the primer issue. Also replaced the primer bulb and the Zama Carburetor Gaskets. This fixed it! Part III link below for the startup:
See Part III the Start Up!



25 thoughts on “Echo Weed Eater Model SRM-225 New Filter Carburetor Gasket Replacement – Part II – Oct 29, 2013

  1. Having worked in television in my younger days, my suggestion would be to actually show what you are doing….obviously you have edited out things that I would have liked to see you doing!

  2. Thanks for this Video. I've got Same Weedeater, Same Problem. i was wondering if the ethanol caused it. I bought it less than a year ago. i only mow 2 yards as needed. i guess i'm gonna go buy a gasket kit & find some non-ethanol fuel… Thanks Again.. 

  3. +mountainbikekayak Yes I cleaned my carburetor because it was shutting off when i  rev the throttle. Now i get full throttle once in a while. What do you think it is?

  4. This trimmer is the biggest piece of shit ever made. Used mine twice and it wont stay running now…Had an Echo for years that I loved, this one is a serious downgrade. STAY AWAY from this junk.

  5. To all who think this trimmer is crap…all brands of all sorts of different kinds of machinery ranging from a yo-yo to automobiles will have a hiccup every now and again in which the product won't be up to par. I have owned several different Echo products and every single one them are work horses. I work daily with them and extremely vigorously without issues. So, just because you bought a lemon does not mean they all are bad. Go return it and get a new one.

  6. Thanks for making this video. I'm going to get the curved version of this trimmer and this will be a big help in the future!

  7. I have a echo srm 225 like this one. I have the same problem you had with this one. My is only one season old. I put in new carb kit and I still have the same problem. Doesn't pump gas into bulb and runs out of gas. If I fill the tank all the way up it will pump gas and run for a few minutes. It will pump gas when I tilt the gas tank immersing the end of the overflow tube.

  8. 4:22 see that brass piece with some plastic in the middle of those gas lines? Drill that plastic out and you will find the adjustment screw for this carb.

  9. I have the same trimmer when it sits for a week or a few days it Hydrolocks  when you try to start it the carb or check valve leaking ?????? have to check them  the plug and crank are filled with fuel when trying to start

  10. First: Great Video Thank You! You are a wonderful teacher. SECOND, PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK!!! What Good Does IT Do If You Just Tell What You"re Doing, But Not Show how you got there? You are very knowledgeable, but e.g. SHOW how the fuel lines go back into the tank, show how the carb comes off (and back on) show ALL your work and special tricks, DON'T just show the finished work, while missing the stages it took to get there. product. PLEASE! Greatly appreciate your showing us the "Repower Kit" part #90127. Are you aware you jumped from fully assembled carb and air filter to air filter and carb Both Gone? It was when you were replacing the fuel priming bulb…….same problem I have, no prime. YOU ARE SO KNOWLEDGEABLE put please Show every step, sometimes the smallest detail can be vitally Important.

  11. mountainbikekayak My friend I am almost certainly having fuel problems. Changed the in-tank fuel filter, but it still runs Great, then stops, runs Great, then stops. Makes me nuts! My eyes and fingers are too bad to rebuild the carb, so I want to replace it completely. It looks quite simple, but WHO should I buy the new carb from? your fan, Patrick Young …… Thanks a million 🙂

  12. mountainbikekayak, It would be Super Cool if you could lay out each of the 4 gaskets on a white background (like a piece of poster board) and then identify each one with their function., I am watching this video over and over again to try and see which is the gasket that is between the carb and engine block.
    Unfortunately some kits omit this, and I can't tell which gasket is which……. thanks again, Patrick 🙂
    ………. p.s. after you did one of the initial stages (pulling the white plastic piece with the round inset for the primng bulb) you show a dirty carb. Then you show a CLEAN ONE, but don't show what you did to MAKE IT CLEAN…Did you use carb cleaner….compressed air….did you physically clean gunk out with a small screwdriver……? You are so Knowledgeable you omit steps as they seem like common sense to you, but to us rookies, we need to see it ALL.

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