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  1. I have electric motors for my electro freeze ice cream machine. They are working but making some buzzing sound they they work. (Both)is it normal? I havent used then machine 3 months.

  2. this motor still had a mechanical noise after replacing bearings.the drive end bell bearing housing should have been turned and sleeved to a snug fit of the bearing.center punching or loctiting bearing surface won't last…..fyi  the part that turns inside of motor is called a rotor unless it has windings and commutator or  slip rings on it than it is called an armature,and the part on the opposite end is called a centrifugal switch, that rides against a set of contacts, the c/s opens at 75% of full load speed taking the start winding and capacitor or capacitors( if any) out of the circuit.testing the motor for shorts,grounds or opens in winding should be performed before any mechanical work is to be done.

  3. I have a Doerr 2 hp 115/230V Model 58 3450 rpm Motor Reference: 6033187DJ763 Craftsman Air Compressor Motor that I believe needs some new bearings, where Can I get These? Thanks

  4. Thank you for taking your time to record and share your expertise. I love it and learned a lot from you. Keep sharing what you like to do.
    Thank you!!!

  5. Excellent therapy! Especially as you get older and tend to find yourself just sitting around pondering random thoughts, lol.

  6. Interesting video but on a safety note, you could have received a nasty shock had there been a wiring issue on your motor when you turned it on.
    You should never turn on a large motor when it is unsecured and you should never rest your hand on the metal casing when switching it in or while it is running

  7. Thanks for the video! Wish your motor wasn't so clean though. I've got an antique Robbins & Myers I looked into here and it's filthy. The inside's got a black mixture of dust and dried grease caked on everything and I've been reading up on degreasing them. Also wondering what you guys do when the bearing types aren't conveniently listed on the name plate. I'll look for numbers if I get that far.

  8. Excellent! Exactly what I was looking for. My Baldor single phase 3hp motor suddenly quit on me. Your comment of, "it's almost always bearings" was very encouraging. I hope to find that to be the issue. I replaced both the Run and Start capacitors to no effect, so I'm really hoping it's not the windings. Again, excellent presentation! Thank you

  9. Nice video! Do you sell any of these junk yard motors? I have a 1HP Motor on my old Craftsman Table Saw that was my Father-In Law's back in the early 70's. Now, when turned on it barely runs. I may try the bearing replacement, since the motors cost as much as the new, cheaper made saws being sold.

  10. great video, it's very relaxing to rebuild, or just fix electronic things . even if for the moment you have no use for them. I totally understand. I've got numerous old radios around here that I'll probably just give away lol.

  11. Really like the video, I like to see old stuff brought back to life. Good explanations and suggestions. Seems those bearing pullers are pretty important tools for that kind of work.

  12. Very helpful , well done video. I wasn't familiar w/ the Loctite 609 product. I could use some now, matter of fact.
    Thanks for posting.

  13. thanks SO MUCH!!! I'm in need of this knowledge & so thankful to see & now know this. I got a large motor used & want to use it as I have many uses for it; building a vice, drill press & jigs to sharpen my drill bits as they turn & burn instead of cut & work. Have 20+ ideas to new products & a limited cash resource; thanks again!!!

  14. The thing you called a "HORSE SHOE or C CLIP" is called a SNAP RING and the specific pliers you used to remove and replace it is known as a SNAP RING PLIERS.

  15. Nice video! Do electric motors like this one have brushes?

    My table saw motor keeps tripping the thermal reset switch even without any load.

  16. Very clear and informative. Thank you for the upload. Do you have more videos of you restoring old motors? If not, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to watch them!

  17. dude you're not going to blow smoke up anybody's ass that knows ..you don't know what the hell you're talking about first thing you don't Hammer bearings on when you heat them up correctly they will slide all the way down till they bottom out we did not polished rotor shaft ends also we did not check out run out we did not check electrical on a motor for ground or a open if you do not know what that little switch does you should not be giving advice pretty basic buddy it's a centrifical switch it's used for the start and in the closed position then drops out or goes into a open position after a certain RPM or set percentage you did not Mike your bearing ends also you put thread lock into the bearing in housings which will not allow thrust for your rotor under different load conditions you did not take a amperage check after starting the motor which sounds like shit too much vibration and comes to a stop way too quick you screwed up that rebuild was worthless useless and not acceptable under any condition piss poor advice no condition

  18. thanks for the great video.  A+++   you make it so easy.  I will attempt to rebuild /repair 1.5 HP motor that I suspect is bad bearing.

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