Electric Motor Repair & Rebuild Instructions – Full Repair Process

In this video we will present you with the full repair process of an electric motor including: Meggar & Surge Test, Disassembly, KE Test, Cut & Burnoff, Coil Stripping, Data Recording, Media Blasting, Washer, Laminations & Insulations, Coil Making, Windings & Lacings, Final Insulations, Dip Process, Bake Oven, Resurging, Balancing Rotor, Reassembly, Full Load Dyno Testing and Paint. Please do not hesitate to call us toll free at 1-877-249-1701 if you have any questions or visit us on the web at www.gesrepair.com

We can help you with ALL of your industrial repair needs! We also repair drives, power supplies, printed circuit boards, touch screens, servo motors, valves, cylinders and much more!

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42 thoughts on “Electric Motor Repair & Rebuild Instructions – Full Repair Process

  1. Do you ever need to put the rotor on a lathe to correct its concentricity? I heard somewhere that this is standard practice for servicing aviation motors.

  2. The only thing missing is an air gap voltage test, to make sure stator laminates aren't shorted. I've seen cases, where hot spots occur because of inter laminate shorting. That spot glows red, than that heat telegraphs to the windings, and causes shorts by localized burning of the insulation. That test can and should be made with no windings in the stator whatsoever. It can be performed by a coil with alternating current, or by spinning a permanent magnet rotor in the stator, driven by an external motor. A quick peak through a FLIR camera could tell you weather or not that stator armature is worth rewinding. High eddy currents, at the very least, make a motor inefficient. at worst, a future failure. The oscilloscope can give clues, but you can't tell if it's an anomaly in the windings, or weather it's actually the stator armature. You would have to rewind the motor, and check for asymmetry. Even then, it's still unclear weather there is an error in the windings or again, the stator armature.

  3. whoever the gentleman that is the winding tech … you can see in his face and actions that he actually cares about what he is doing… industry could use more professionals like this man! 🙂

  4. The problem is that after malfunction of one of ours motor, we need to change it as soon as possible for a new one. No time to send it for repairs. And nobody will approve repair because we can´t have money stored in equipment. That´s from modern automotive company view.

  5. Only thing you do differently than I do, is winding 3 coils only. I wind each slot & connect on the back by brazing them. That is a very untidy lashing however. 8:10 I wouldn't let something go out looking like that.

  6. I've had many alternators (almost the same as a motor) rebuilt for like $30-$50 with a one yr.guarantee, and new would be like $150 – $200. They were as good as new.

  7. great, now I WANT a repaired motor. Better, since I watched I will get MORE motor repair vids in my feed, AND links to purchase said motors where ever I go online since a tracking cooking just got added.

    sigh. O well. btw what is the horsepower rating on that motor again? Max RPM? Max Torque? If I am going to buy it, I might as well get the right one.

  8. How many days were required to rebuild this 60hp motor?
    Was cheaper to rebuild the motor than acquiring a new motor from a reliable manufacturer?

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  10. THAT company is doing a great job of repairing that motor. Rewinding is the hardest job to my belief. You have to be careful not to damage the enamel insulation of the wires; a job of great patients! And you have to connect the wires in a certain, precise way, otherwise you have a rotor that doesn't turn the correct way or not turn at all, or burns up the coils and trips the breakers/fuses. Job well done Global Electronic Services!

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