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  1. Nice video. For the amount of effort that it takes to completely clean a block, I'm surprised that it isn't cheaper to simply pour a new casting, or CNC-cut a new block from a billet. No doubt it depends a lot on the hourly rate of the cleaner, and how much you're willing to do yourself.

  2. Outstanding video!!!  I'm rebuilding a 262 Buda six on an old A/C D19 tractor.  Thanks for the tips.  By the way, it's an oil "gallery"; not "galley" – a common misuse.  No offense intended; just thought you might want to know.

  3. Great Video – thank you.  I learned something.

    I don't use sand paper or abrasives to clean precision surfaces though.  You run the risk of leaving grit on the engine and you remove a little bit of metal from the surface.  Each time the surface is eroded and not as flat as it was….

    I scrape and clean with steel wool solvents, etc.
    I would remove a raised burr with an oil stone or gentle flat file.

  4. Why do people feel the need to correct others spelling & grammar. Not everything is spelled & spoke the same in every country. Hood/bonnet  tire/ tyer .

  5. I wonder why the block wasn't decked on the head gasket sealing surface. That's the practice I've always thought was SOP for years.

  6. good luck finding a machine shop that does the block dips anymore….fucking EPA put a stop to most people doing it…as usual govt agencies trying to be a nanny for every profession on earth…

  7. Dam Trolls and Negative people out there which is why I stopped making video's. Fault Finder's out there that just Sharp-Shoot people on their verbiage and or on How To advice. You can work on my stuff anytime.

  8. In cast iron use caustic soda soak entire engine, warm water better this will remove grease and grime, then pressure clean then use hydrochloric acid diluted in water the amount will depend on how fast you want it cleaned, soak the whole block it will remove rust once grease has been removed, phosphoric acid will treat rust and dissolve it good for final finish, you can also use washing powder soak all metal parts wont harm aluminium, soak in diluted molasses this will remove rust in a few weeks, remember to neutralise the block when finished, follow up acid with high PH like washing powder or the like or reverse high PH then soak briefly in acid, remember chemicals and acids can damage any metal so use correct method and test first, hope this helps,

  9. This guy is a PRO !!! Fine handcraft made ..I do the same things ,my father had thought me the same methods and the result is super …soo to all those ignorant commentators ..you have no clue about how to do a proppa job …better shut up ..

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