Engine Building with RoG – Rear Main Seal and Crank Installation

Rog talks about the rear main seal (2-piece) and reminds that you use RTV to seal it. Also he lightly touches on what specs the ARP mains will need…

**************ELECTRONICS and CAMERAS**************
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**************ELECTRONICS and CAMERAS**************

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*******************TOOLS and GEAR******************



3 thoughts on “Engine Building with RoG – Rear Main Seal and Crank Installation

  1. Don't know if you guys have the time to answer this, but I have a crankshaft that takes a one piece rear main seal.  The block however, is a two piece rear main seal.  I know Chevy has a conversion kit but I don't know about Ford.  It also looked like your crank was a one piece as well but I don't know a couldn't tell.  Anyway could you use a two piece rear main on a crank that calls for a one piece with any success?

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