24 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild 101 – Part 1 – Getting Started

  1. I got a idi diesel my self and im rebuilding it right now. there don't have many flaws to them exept the cam lobe on the end of the cam for the mechanical fuel pump on the side of the block they always have a lack of lubrication. therefore the wear pretty bad. also its hard to find a good set of cylinder head for a 6.9/7.3 idi. so you should have got them magnafluxed for cracks.

  2. "Make your own damn video"- thank you! I love it when someone who "knows" and is actually doing something (not just arm-chairing it) does what they know will work. Who cares if its a doo-dad or a thing-a-ma-bob? This thing goes here, this thing goes there.

  3. I have been dieing to rebuild an engine on my own for a long time. You have taken on a tougher project (v8 diesel), myself i would like a nice simple 4 cylinder. As for me the hoisting would be the toughest part as i have a very limited work space. One day, one day!!

  4. good video. I was Navy for 26 years and drove nearly every boat up to and including Coastal minesweepers. The first engine I built happened when my engineman was on emergency leave. Sometimes we do what we have to do. I could have used the basics at that time. I know much more now, but your video is a great one for beginner awareness. keep it up.

  5. Important thing to do guys when assemble your engine back together always plastic- gauge  back together. On your main bearings and rod bearings. it is a thin piece of plastic, looks like thread. you are going to lay it on your new bearing. Torue it to spec. Then take back apart, there will be a gauge when you buy this, this will tell you your bearing clearence. if it is out of spec. Say its a rod bearing, then you would take that rod to a machine shop and they will fix that problem. By not doing this you can have low oil pressure, and spin a bearing. This stuff is very cheap and help you  to put a good solid bottom end together.

  6. Also the tool that he showed you said its for taking and removing piston rings. That tool is use for cleaning the carbon out of the ring lands, where the rings go on the pistons, also never try to fabericate nothing if the rings dont fit get the right ones, Someone gave him the wrong parts. The bottom ring on a piston is for oil not compression. Also your new rings will have a dot on them the dot goes up. Impotant otherwise ring will not seat. Also you have to hone your cylinder to the grit what kind of ring you are using. A iron ring ring will take a rough grit as a crome molly ring takes a fine grit. I am not trying to insult this man, just giving you a little more info. God Bless Yall

  7. You probably already know but those parts piston, rods, lifters should go back in the same cylinder they came from. And don't drop the pistons. They break easy. Guess how I know that?

  8. Hi,

    Great work going on the boat, but sir, your playlist is not arranged…..i started to watch the playlist, but it jump the series,

    by they way, the things in the cardboard box placed are push rods, i am not professional and this is not a dirty comment, i learned it from youtube. and apparently this seems to be v8 small block maybe, again i am sorry if you find it dirty comment and if you findout that i am wrong about the engine type.

  9. On the heat exchanger system I wonder how capping off the engine water pump and using an electric pump to regulate the water flow at a constant flow would work.

  10. This is how real shit gets done brotha… not all the good work is done in big pro shops, they dont care if they miss a bad valve stem seal or out of spec spring… this guy is doing good work… thanks for the vid…

  11. One trick my dad showed me about 20 years ago to see if the vavles leak is to set the head on its side and pour some gas down the intake or exhaust port and see if the gas leaks pass the vavle. I didn't believe it when he told me but the vavles will leak gas before air and if you don't see any gas leaking around the vavle it won't leak air.

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