27 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild 101 – Part 10 – Installing Pistons

  1. i really dont mean to be mean,but i think instead of making videos on how NOT to rebuild an engine,you should watch a few of others who now how too,the videos are miss leading ,if you dont know better,you are going to ruin other peoples engines,possibly catastrophic fails,and you dont want that in a boat,theres no roads to walk home or recovery trucks,

  2. Danny baby you're blowing this way out of proportion the fact that anything is being done about the ring gap is the main thing I see no harm or foul and using a bench grinder what you don't know is is the moron at any rebuilding engine place rarely file the ring gap on anything much less clean anything before they assemble it. From my personal experience using a bench grinder is way faster, there's no reason to use a hand file unless its a couple thousand or you're too scared to run a power to without any skill. Go troll somebody else if you just want to be negative I see no problems in what's going on here.

  3. BIGGGGGGGG mistake >> Sliding that ring compressor all the way down to the top of the piston leaves no guidance for guiding the piston down into the engine always leave a portion of the skirt exposed to provide guidance of the piston into the cylinderthere by avoiding damage to the piston and the rings by having the piston straight when you start into the cylinder by using the skirt as guidance

  4. Oh my god this is horrifying to watch never in my life have I seen someone grind piston rings. Surely if you ordered the correct rings the butt clearance should be correct. also all that clearance is allowing for is the thermal expansion of the ring during combustion. The clearance your measuring should be taken above the wear ridge. I have been involved in a number of engine overhauls and never filed a piston ring or trimmed the spring on the  oil ring. Best advice to anyone is to read the makers manual before doing anything like this.

  5. Who ever told u that about rings is right my uncle has machine shop and he always double checks rings aswell..by the way very nice vids..keep em coming

  6. The handiest method of working out the ring gap is to remember the following rhyme.

    ""Thou Per Inch per bore plus four."" Learn it, it will come in very handy, believe me.
    1Thou (per inch of the diameter of bore) +4 =!
    1 x 6in bore = 4 = 10 Thou Ring Gap.

  7. Your welcome. But just use my vids for the motivation and get an experieced friend to help if you can. It will be more fun and successful. Best of Luck!

  8. "I love this guy Total Hack job"

    You do realize the pistons were set up for a 1/16, 1/16, 5/16 ring pack.
    You had the wrong rings is all pal!.

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