Engine Rebuild: Briggs and Stratton Mower Rebuild with Narration – Part 1

Briggs and Stratton engine strip down and rebuild time lapse. This is the narrated version of how to rebuild a mower engine. This lawnmower engine rebuild is a 4 horsepower Briggs and Stratton built on the 2nd February 2001
Engine Code: 010202
This is part one of an engine rebuild short series. In this lawnmower engine rebuild video we are tearing down the mower, inspecting and checking for any damage and then I will rebuild it again in the next part of this engine rebuild short series.



37 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild: Briggs and Stratton Mower Rebuild with Narration – Part 1

  1. after watching 45 seconds i liked the vid as this is exactley what i am doing i have 2 bent crankshafts i can fix  one but not the other as i need to buy another crankshaft

  2. I've written down all your steps carefully so that I can take apart the two Briggs & Stratton engines I've got outside that need rebuilding, but I can't seem to find where your rebuild video is. Is it not up yet? Thanks so much!

  3. What a great video.  I have a very smokey 3.5hp unit. I believe a ring job is needed but after watching this that looks to be a piece of cake.  Probably harder to ascertain the engine model number for correct parts.

  4. Great video! I have a similar engine from a techumesh lawn mower. I'm thinking of running the cylinder vertical for go-kart engine, so the drive shaft is horizontal. If I do this how can I ensure the oil will reach the crack shaft unless I fill the crankcase full to the brim with oil?

  5. hi my mower is starting but just chugging not revving I have cleaned the carb and diapham /gasket new spark plug new petrol any tips would very helpful many thanks ste

  6. Any ideas for an extremely stuck crank case sump? We tried lubricant and a gear puller, pounding, wedging, all sorts of stuff but it will not slide off the shaft.

  7. markings on gear must be faced to the oil pan? i didin't recall when took them off if i flipped them or which way they should be. thanks.

  8. I guess you don't know what a crankshaft straightener is, or a cordless impact, or butterfly ratchet or an air ratchet, crankshaft should have been straighten before you removed oil pan so as not to damage pan, your not much of a small engine mechanic

  9. I have acquired one of these for free and was wondering if I can use it vertically if I put a different carb or try to rotate the original, I'm thinking with more oil in the case the crank will splash oil inside to keep everything well lubed.What do you think?

  10. Hello! What's your opinion, can this engine works if it will stands vertically? I have one b&s 375 and i want to build motorized bicycle using it. I don't sure what piston will be lubricated well.

  11. my other half over filled the lawnmower engine and looks like exhaust valve seal is gone blowing oil into the exhaust anyway I xan do the seal with out breaking the engincase

  12. Rush not know how small engine repair listen to watch video Not careful with engine do first top dead center timer clock mark line careful with piston rings and loose the valve TLC free play remove the camshaft seen arrow on the crankshaft into the gear cam square point to the arrow in middle of call center on the corner you been break it No free play many million engine motor vehicle all of them same is TLC timer lawn mower and truck or all terrain vehicle or tractor different model have timer clock ………….

  13. The crank can be straightened. Use a dial indicator to check it. Bolt the engine down and use a piece for pipe for leverage.

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