Engine Rebuild On Husqvarna 55 & 51 Chainsaw Part 1/3

Learn How To Rebuild the engine on your Chainsaw in this easy to follow video tutorial.



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49 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild On Husqvarna 55 & 51 Chainsaw Part 1/3

  1. Your videos are awesome bro. Hey SHADOWc0n I don't think anybody tears their chainsaw apart on the first view of the video so it doesn't matter does it??

  2. Simple question. Why don't you do a quick clean up (blow the loose bits off with compressed air), before you remove the carb and cylinder ?

  3. Have you done a rebuild on a Husky 350 x-torq? I picked up a trade-in saw that has the bar bolts starting to pull through the case (previous owner over tightened the bar). The rest of the saw is in good condition. Any thoughts to fix this?

  4. hi nice video, hey I have a question on a partner chainsaw 400, has the gift of feed hose goes carburaor filtroy is connected to, but it has another hole which had a piece of hose and is connected Nose where you could help me.

  5. Hi donyboy73, I have a Husqvarna 353 E-tech green gas cap saw and my nephew`s bro. in law over heated it bad and a saw shop owner said it would have to be rebuilt…is there a kit I can buy on eBay or wherever?

  6. I got a 55 Air Injection.  Great saw!!  Keep it clean frequently.  I use Lucas Semi-Synthetic oil in a 91 Octane Non ethanol gas.  Hope I never have to tear the bugger down. 

  7. Hey donyboy73. Every now and then I get a chainsaw that's really hard to pull. The pull rope is really jerky, and seems to hang up, break free, hang up, break free, etc. With the plug out they pull really easy. It's not flooding or a clogged exhaust port, or the recoil mechanism. They have great compression and everything seems fine. What the hell causes this? I know it's not normal compression that causes this.  I also know the flywheel key is not sheared because I always check. I work on a lot of chainsaws but I get one like this about once every two months and have no idea what causes this. 

  8. I have acquired a Husqvarna 55 that I'm having trouble adjusting the carb.  I've replaced all the lines and rebuilt the carb, mostly by watching your vids, thx!  I have replaced the seal on the crank side but am unsure about tearing into the sprocket side to replace that seal.  Do you have any videos on doing this?  Great videos, very good instructions.

  9.  Followed your videos and what able to rebuild my Husqvarna 55 without an problem.  This was my first time rebuilding a small engine.   Thanks

  10. I am going to be getting into this trade and you are a good teacher, thanks Donyboy73 I will try to rebuild my dads old chainsaw with your help thanks.

  11. awesome video! this is gonna help me in my rebuild. one question though, what seems to be the cause of such bad piston / cylinder damage ? i have seen on my dad's trimmer that kind of damage :-/

  12. Thanks for the video. I pulled my 55 apart and could not believe the piston ring was also fused to the piston. I did not think it was really that bad. The new top end just came in the mail from, wait for it….China.

  13. Why number in mm allen key using to unscrew screw in cylinder in video?And if you know why screw number is going to husqwarna 61 Yugoslavia model?

  14. I know you know abouts saws more than me but why didn't you clean all the dirt and grime prior to openening up the motor?to me that would be number one step

  15. An Excellent video on my favorite chainsaw.  Have been using mine on my farm since 1999, sill running well. Been thinking it's time to rebuild and run it another 10 years.  Thanks for the upload. You are a very good teacher.

  16. Worked great, one summer later and the engine seems to be running too hot again… that led to the last misfortune. Could it be sugar in the gas tank or can it only be monkeying with the carb high idle sets? I'm thinking I can block the ends off the carb set channels temporarily with silicone if that's my easier solution. Any thoughts?

  17. Say don I have a Husqvarna 61, bought it used. I need a new clutch, looks like the last owner tightened the clutch to tight and broke the center out of the nut that acts as a stop on the end of the crankshaft to keep the drum from impacting the oil pump and crankshaft seal. Any idea where I could find one that does not cost allot? Looked on EBay, all I can find is a clutch that does not have the center stop built into the nut.

  18. Hey Donyboy, I followed your videos step by step for my Husqvarna 51 but it will not start. I flooded it so now I am just letting it sit. What do you suggest I check or do?

  19. Hi Donyboy73, long time listener of your videos about chainsaws specifically. I have recently received a Husqvarna 340 from my grandparent. I took it apart, and almost everything is O.K but my safety throttle is stuck down. Could you make a short vid on taking the gas tank apart and showing those parts? Or any help is much appreciated!

  20. I inherited a Husqvarna 55 from my grandfather. I started to clean it up last weekend and found it to be in great shape overall, except the area inside the chainbrake cover was scorched. The brake would not disengage. After taking the handle apart I saw there was a spring that had broken. I went ahead and ordered a used brake assembly I found on ebay due to the overall burn damage around the brake ring. Cost me $40. Now I have a good brake and the old one full of good parts should I ever need them. To replace the spring would have cost me 5 or 6 bucks, but the cover was so burnt up I didn't want to chance it causing more problems down the road. Only thing I can figure is that he ran it without chain oil at some point or let the area get too clogged with sawdust. Any ideas what else could have caused this area to burn?

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