42 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild On Husqvarna 55 & 51 Chainsaw Part 2/3

  1. Some of those P/C kits aren't bad but the rings are junk, spend a few more dollars and use Caber rings.
    BTW … RTV silicone is not fuel resistant, no need to add anything. to the gasket

  2. I was wondering I looked on eBay and they had the same jug piston rings and connecting rod 4 46 dollars and 10 dollars for shipping do you think that's ok for the chainsaw

  3. I'm 15 and I live on a farm we sell fire wood and I have an air injector 55 and rebuilt the motor with the help of you thanks a lot we saved a lot of money

  4. Thanks for putting this out there! I also used a chinese top end & thanks to your videos, it now runs like a top. Much appreciated!

  5. thank for the info I have a 455 rancher less then 20hr on it .loss compression .pistion look good throw exhaust. should i still change top end and piston  ?  what would be part # and where to get chines parts

  6. thank for info. Posted down below had 455 rancher 20 hr , on it . I took apart ring was seezed  . changed it it started first pool . 9 $ fix  .Thanks. Oh on 2011 rancher hard to put piston into cylender . just line it up oil it push it together .

  7. you can now get these kits on ebay for $29.00-$39.00 just like this.Over $100.00 is way too much for the china made ones. You can get a meteor kit(made in italy) for about $130.00.

  8. Donyboy73 great video very informative.I am a novice mechanic with a husky 40 chainsaw that needs rebuild. How difficult is it to rebuild chainsaw top end? I d ok not want to buy a new saw would rather rebuild my dad's saw sentimental reason. I found a new top end kit that's reasonably priced

  9. —From day one , all 2cycle mfg. recommend 8oz oil to 1 gal. gas (16 to 1 mix). The biggest lie ever fed to the public, was the idea of a 40 or 50 to 1 ratio of gas / oil . A 40 or50 to I mix , will cut the life of your machine , by at least  50%, and this is what it's all about ( you go buy a new machine ) I use a mix , of 6oz oil to 1 gal. premium gas. If you live close to a airport, buy the 100 octane low/lead, your machine will love you for it  and last a lifetime.

  10. rtv is oil resistant but not fuel resistant, better to use a fuel resistant gasket maker/sealer such as permatex permashield or versachem type 2. both remain pliable and are very tacky so it will hold gaskets in place better. rtv isnt very tacky at all.

  11. Why??? Why i didn't saw you video some days ago…. I have a 2 strokes engine with two cylinders and for some reason one of them always have low compression, after days of thinking and replacing the rings I thought that the exhaust port can be damaging them. Now I found your video and you confirm my suspicions, now i need to wait for the new rings. thanks for your video.

  12. db, what does the crankcase have to do with running the carb. i understand the principal but not how the crankcase gets pressurized.

  13. i have a chainsaw that i changed the piston 3 times they get scored do i have to change the crankshaft ? let me know what it is

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