Engine rebuild part 1

This series is available on DVD Here is the link
We are rebuilding a GM 350 5.7 engine. Now in this particular case we are also going to upgrade the engine to a 383 6.0 This is called building a “stroker” motor. In other words we are increasing the “stroke” of the engine which increased the torq & horsepower.

If you are able & wanting to rebuild an engine, this video should give you a good overview of what to do. If you are having someone else build an engine for you, you will be able to see what’s involved in the process



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  1. yes it matters. a high torque engine should always be of the 4-bolt-main style. whenever the piston is in the power stroke, you are putting a high load on the main bearing caps. a 2-bolt-main is not appropriate for an engine being used in a heavy towing, or an off-road 4-wheel-drive application.

    if all you're building is a city/highway truck without high towing capability, you can get away just fine with a 2-bolt-main block.

  2. Great video. I like it when you call an engine an engine and not a motor. A engine gets it`s power from within. A motor gets it`s power from an outside source like a powerhouse or a battery. Motors are electric. Engines aren`t.
    Why didn`t you lube the main seal before installing the harmonic balancer?

  3. If i rebult my toyota celica with 20k mils, will it make do more milage than normal? Will it last longer like if was a brand new car?

  4. No point in rebuilding with 20k. Thats nothing. Haha toyota engines go forever might need to rebuild around 500k if u take care of it

  5. My autoshop teacher always said to use a wooden dowel to hammer out pistons and crank, i'm starting to think it's not exactly true what he'd use to say about damaging the bottom of the piston because i see everyone using different hard tools to help it out.

  6. Rebuilt a 305 once when it spun a rod bearing, but rod bearings doing that on 350's isn't typical like it is on 305's. Surprised this happened… tortured engine?

  7. I have a 1999 chevy Tahoe,  5.7 vortec, I have to rebuild, I don't  want stock would love the 383 stroker. If you have to guess, what would be the overall cost to upgrade my 5.7vortec into the 383 srtoker like you did in the video??

  8. I love this site. I would however like to see some videos on Suburban big block  repairs. I know there are a lot of puddle jumper cars out there but would still like to see more 90s and later car repair videos such as rear heater/ a/c repair or replacement.

  9. +realfixesrealfast 
    I'm contemplating, in the future, of buying a small shuttle bus and converting it to an RV. The problem is the powerplant in those things seem to be all V10 fuel hunrgy beasts and I was wondering if the engine might be able to be swapped for one of fords new 3.5 liter twin turbo EcoBoost or even the 2.6. The numbers say it should work to move one of those buses and then some. 365 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque vs the V10 at 305 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque.

    If it would work, it could shave the fuel mileage down from 8-10 to 16 to 20 mpg.
    Thoughts ?

  10. Hi love the video. I just finished rebuilding my engine on my 1972 AMC matador 360 but I having electrical starting problems. Any way you can help?

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