Engine Rebuild Time Lapse – Briggs and Stratton Rebuild

Briggs and Stratton engine strip down and rebuild time lapse. Small engine repair. I have condensed 1 hour and 30 mins worth of filming down into just 12 mins, turning it into a time lapse.
You may notice in this video the sump will not go on without hitting it with a rubber mallet. Upon further inspection it was found the crank shaft was bent, this can be seen in the video.
After this video the engine had a crankshaft change.

I hope you enjoy the video!



28 thoughts on “Engine Rebuild Time Lapse – Briggs and Stratton Rebuild

  1. Great vid, Where did you get the gaskets from as I have a B+G 675 series 190cc that I've got pulled apart that needs rebuilding due to a piston ring gouging the cylinder wall (rebored it and got a piston and rings to suit and rather use proper gaskets to rebuild rather then gasket goo gasket maker

  2. This is the best way to show how to videos, thanks. But next time can you put your camera under the sun and point it towards you so we benefit from the light relfection

  3. excellent video. the sound of the mallet in fast forward made me chuckle. if I knew more about computers I'd make that sound a ring tone. ha ha ha

  4. can you run one of these engines upright if you shift the fuel tank?  I have one on a dilapidated rotary mower, but thought if may be useful for other projects…  will it still oil itself ok?

  5. really nice video.  I've got a shot honda 160 with a bent crankshaft and was interested in what would be involved in replacing this myself.  I think I'll give it a shot as I have little to lose and a lot to learn…  thanks

  6. Idle was high on last run & smoked al lil  from the top when I finished in a hurry on borrowed bad running mower that won't start anymore,  A shop wants $90 an hr. plus parts…. last I was there he had one for $80  guarantee start on first pull & won't take one for a lil off a price.   That's what led me here… Guess I should get one from a yard dale for my friend & buy me one too.  Like the video…..

  7. So I just got this used tiller that was not cranking and tried to clean
    it myself. I am noobie to this and actually opened the oil tank or possible engine (big metal piece that are hel together by about 6 screws). Trying to put it back together
    it wont shut all the way… Am I screwed?

  8. I have a very old tiller and it has a hard pull due to too much compression and I think it's from a stuck exhaust valve… and I'm wondering if there's a way I can just take out the valves and clean them without replacing them?

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