Engine [tractor] starter repair – diy fix

In this video i’ll show you how easy is to repair an engine starter.
in my case i will repair starter from a small tractor, but the concept of working is the same on all engines, (diesel, gas fuel, car engine, tractor, motor engine, heavy equipment…).

If the starter heasn’t enough power there are propobly problem with the brushes or colector.
Sometimes is all you need to do change the brushes for a few $

Specially on starter from tractors, truck and heavy equipment problems make fluid, grease and oil wich leak into starter motor, and all we must to do is some cleaning.

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Kevin MacLeod

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12 thoughts on “Engine [tractor] starter repair – diy fix

  1. Nice video. I'll try to do the same. In my case, the solenoid doesn't move. When i move with my hand until the end it jus stays there and when i cuts of the current games back in. Do you think it's solenoid? There is a liquid to clean everything?

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