28 thoughts on “engine work on the old honda 250 trials bike,

  1. you should have 2 feeler gauges on these forked rocker hondas. The twisting force on the rocker can lead to misleading drag and cause your adjustment to be a couple thou off.

  2. Anther reason for doing the leakdown test at TDC is that, when the piston is more than about halfway down the cylinder, there is a valve opening or closing.

  3. Excellent project that is inspiring me to finish a 1963 Honda 90 CL that I put together back in the late '80s and never felt the need to complete, as I was riding a HD Sportster back then & 1200s later, but now that I'm old and busted up, I might pull it out of the shed and get 'er done finally. Hmmmm?? Thank you for sharing this video.

  4. At some point in the next week or two i've got to have some very invasive surgery.A surgeon has decided he needs to cut into my cylinder head if you get my meaning.I hope he's as skilled as you are.As i'm unable to get out and about at the moment,watching you work has provided some great pre surgery therapy.Many thanks.

  5. You are a metal Drummer. LOL. I was going to say the same thing. I am working on the Honda SL250SE motor now. Your videos are helping me a lot. Thank You.

  6. The last engine (outside of work) I worked on was a little 2.5cc nitro car engine. These videos have made me want to buy an old bike just to tinker with!

  7. I think you are the pioneer of "fast forward". I love watching that. Just like watching "driving" in real time, down a road I never rode down.

  8. a square head wood screw fits perfectly on the valve adjuster stud , if you don't have the right tool , give i a 90% bend to get a good grip as you screw in or out

  9. I haven't worked on a Honda bike since a year or two before that bike was born. Sure took me back! I still have the requisite impact driver, but I've upgraded my hammer. 🙂

  10. You could probably use hylomar instead of RTV glue on a gasketless part like that rocker cover. That way you can pull the part off again in the future and not have to worry about recuring the glue.

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