Jeff’s Little Engine Service gives a brief yet comprehensive tutorial on how to rebuild and repair a Briggs and Stratton float style carburetor. Craftsman lawn mower with fuel delivery problem. Quantum style engine with automatic choke. Covers 3.0-7.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engines. How to fix common small engine problems.
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am showing you the least expensive, quickest “backyard” methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. Thank you for watching!

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36 thoughts on “EXPERT! REBUILD a Briggs and Stratton Lawnmower AUTOMATIC CHOKE CARBURETOR

  1. I replaced carb and started mower it ran rough and eventually died. I figured the choke wasn't opening up as it was spewing black smoke. When I pulled it apart I found that I had managed to jam the air vane/auto choke lever so that it wouldn't operate. I removed the screw holding the air vane /auto choke lever in place and managed to set it up so the choke operated freely. I put it back together and now it won't start at all. Any ideas?

  2. Excellent video. FYI, I've done both a rebuild and replaced the whole carb. Depending on your time and frustration level they both have their advantages. I once stripped the brass bolt so had to buy a new one. Another time I didn't tighten it enough since I was paranoid I'd strip it so gas leaked all over the place. Sometimes it's easier to spring for a whole new carb and just pop it in.

  3. Jeff thank you for the video, I repair mowers, more on the quick, cleaning out gas tanks and then carb cleaner and compressed air for the passages. The one thing I do different is rather than using wire I find torch tip cleaners with various sizes clear out the most stubborn deposits much easier. Also at same time I use the tips to clear the 3 passages and check flow to the bowl with carb cleaner to make sure the priming system should operate properly.

  4. Great Video Jeff! I feel that I can do this and get my lawnmower in shape. I got an idea: if I find a free beat up lawnmower in craigslist, I would teach my son how to repair it using your videos. And who knows! It could become a trade for him.

  5. Excellent video!!! I followed you to the tee, except soaking and replacing the parts. It started right up! Thanks a lot. Where do you order the replacement parts ?

  6. You should be a teacher! I understood everything you said! May be I can bring my mower back to life! Thanks for posting.

  7. You can use a set of torch tip cleaners to clean all sizes of small holes works great ! Buy them at welding supply stores.

  8. Really helped had cleaned everything like you said but after reassembly engine started but would not run. Took off the bowl and cleaned the main jet and found some debris in the bowl cleaned and reassembled, ran like a champ after that. Thanks for the great video

  9. Great video seriously.  Would like any additional comments on the advance technique of dousing the entire lawnmower with gasoline at the end. LOL.

  10. tip on removing the rubber seat: use a blow gun and shoot compressed air into the fuel inlet. the pressure will pop the seat out without damaging it.

  11. When you post a series of videos, Jeff, distinguishing one from another becomes a problem for your viewers who want to use all of them. YouTube does not make reloading previous videos that easy to back-track, so one possible solution is to give your videos both a title and a number. Nothing complex (we could use the date, for example), but just enough to keep the segments from becoming confused, and help us keep tab on which video contains what.

  12. I put mine back together but the plastic arm will not flip choke open.. Are yu sure pin goes in C shaped piece and not behind it.?

  13. Nice video, clear calm and concise. nice explanations what the parts do, good tech tip also. Thanks I like how you zoomed in on the linkage and showed how to tip it into place. Little afraid of drinking the coal afterward.

  14. Thank you so much. I rebuilt two of these carbs yesterday; both mowers started right up. The guys at El Mel in St. Charles also told me to only use premium gas to keep the engine cooler.

  15. I have the same automatic choke mechanism, and im just curious is there some temperature sensor which move the choke flap? Or what kind of measurin particle there is?

  16. For focusing u must make ur focus target bigger.. just put it before ur hand and show it like that or some other object.. cuz it doesnt focus un that tiny things.

  17. I am confused about that autochoke fly arm. I saw how to dis-assemble it and am cleaning the carburetor. That autochoke arm appears to have no internal connector point. I understand the flywheel turns and pushes the autochoke arm away from the flywheel. But I heard about a sensor on the internal end of it for a heat sensor? I can re-attach the 1/4 long screw back into the carb when I re-assmble the carb, but is that the only pivot point for that autochoke arm? It seems it should attach or at least be controlled somewhere inside the house over the flywheel?

  18. Great video. But it seems by the time you buy the gasket, float needle, etc, (I priced it out, maybe you have a whole seller?) and spend the time cleaning, its easier and cheaper just to buy a new carburetor on eBay for $9.

  19. I followed your video instructions and just cleaned everything and re assembled it. it was a no start and now it starts but surges badly. any suggestions for a cheap fix. I use this to cut weeds in a field not a lawn.

  20. thanks for the great video, followed your instructions and tackled my mower. it started on the first pull and runs great. found a bunch of sediment in the fuel bowl .

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