1. That's cool !! The guy (ligebellbuckletn) that left a comment 2 under yours can hook you up with everything you need for a Maytag!! that's where I get most of my stuff or Ebay!! PM him and tell him Roadking sent ya, he'll like that!!☺

  2. Neat! all my projects are winter projects because i refuse to work on them in the heat of summer. so this is another one of the hit & miss motors?

  3. Don't really know Buddy!! I know Briggs started out trying to make cars and automotive stuff before they started making little engines though!!☺

  4. That engine would be a 1/2 to 3/4 hp briggs, and there main use was in washing machines, I had a 1.5HP briggs with a big pedal mounted kick start, it was given to me back in the 70s. it ran like a new engine after I mounted a carb from a 2.5 briggs lawn mower engine (Yes WE Had 2.5hp Push Mowers Back Then), and we put it on a mini bike for the kids 5yrs and under, it was a cool kick start bike for them.

  5. Model "F" was only made from 1921 to 1923. The "FB" and other models came out in 1923. I had a collection of Briggs engines that I had to sell when I moved, but nothing that old. Love to hear them running on your videos…

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