Farmertec / Huztl MS660 AM Saws w/ Simple Tools Part 1, Case Assembly

Putting cases together……real time… and the evolution of my technique. Theme is using as basic a series of tools possible & using as much of was delivered in the Huztl product offering as possible . Stihl offers shop tools to install seals and to install bearings etc. The Huztl cases came with both bearings and seals. I prefer to install seals AFTER pushing the cases together, but was able to use the pre-installed seals anyway….MOST of the time. My recommendation is to go buy OEM seals, then remove the pre installed seals, push the cases together, then install the OEM seals with a Stihl seal installation tool or equivalent. On eBay the saw parts store “Chainsaw Conservation Components” run by “definitive dave” has those Stihl branded shop tools for seal installation should you take my recommend approach and use OEM seals.

BTW I found a few interesting things on eBay from the “Huztl” group…One a case splitting tool modeled after Husqvarna’s. But BIGGER for these 660 saws. And the other a “Jump start” kit for those building these AM 660’s…..I’ll see if I can put the links here.

The case splitting tool:

Jump Start



7 thoughts on “Farmertec / Huztl MS660 AM Saws w/ Simple Tools Part 1, Case Assembly

  1. When you machine a a jig to replace a socket , would an internal dept stop in the jig for the crank to bottom out on be of use to set the dept on the first half of a case ?

  2. hi, right now I am bring back alive an 029 super into a live 039 with a deco valve. I have the 49mm hztle parts in route, now. this awesome was really hard to disassemble because someone really used some strong locktite on it. I had to weld the rear bar nut to the stud to get it out. Bar studs are cheap, compared to a stud the does not want to come out. the crankcase was just as hard to get the bolts out but a torch and a 24 inch torque wrench finally removed all of them. I will put it back together with locktite blue, so I can get it back apart if I want to.

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  4. I've been watching your videos and contemplating building one of these myself and heard Syracuse come across your radio, fellow CNY'er here from Oswego saying hi!

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