22 thoughts on “FAST speed rebuild of the honda 5 5HP engine and a start

  1. When I'm running a motor dry I shut off the gas and when it starts to sputter give it a little choke and it will run smooth again. In a little bit it will start sputtering again and you give it more choke. Keep giving more choke each time it sputters until it finally quits. That will burn out way more gas than just letting it run normally.

  2. I love it when you rummage around in the shed and find a lost tool or part. To me that is quintisentially part and parcel of having a shed

  3. Soon your channel is going to turn into small engine tear down channel lol.
    You get what you pay for with the Honda. You're paying for a lot more than just the brand.

  4. Hi Bill! The cap underneath the floater is a "water-trap". That's why it wasn't all dry when the engine stopped. It is supposed to capture any water or condense that may be in the gas. The suckin pipe don't go all the way down to the bottom. Really good video by the way! ? Keep it up! I'm watching you from Norway! ?

  5. Why is it that you never power wash anything you work on first? It not just to work on something clean but it also prevents dirt from entering in sensitive areas………just saying ………..

  6. The govenor linkage rod install to the carb gave you away!You've been on this adventure before!How about a blindfolded version? Great job!A real spellbinder!

  7. Is the shaft 3/4" on that motor? Was thinking of getting one of these. The shaft is too big on the Briggs and Stratton for the clutch.

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