30 thoughts on “FH721V Kawasaki twin governor and throttle controls explained

  1. Thanks! As you mentioned I could not find a good picture on how to setup and which way to turn the governor. Bent taking apart to replace crank case seal. This is very helpfull.

  2. Sir, I did everything you showed in your very helpful video, but when I start it up the engine races to full throttle. FH680V same set up as the engine you show, any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

  3. Dear mbakken11, I’ve stumbled upon your video and find it fantastic – best I’ve ever seen!
    I have a FH721V on a Hustler zero turn and now have a fire-damaged engine. The plastic inline fuel filter cracked, leaked gasoline, and caught fire. I had a water hose nearby and extinguished the fire but have considerable damage. I’ve fixed the wiring and replaced the hoses. I’m now replacing the control plate and have a question about positioning the screw which ‘stops’ the throttle advance. The screw position on the new control plate would permit the throttle to be advanced more than the screw position on the old plate. Should I adjust the ‘new’ screw to match the ‘old’ screw prior to installing the new control plate? Any thoughts will be appreciated.
    W. Grant Frankenberg

  4. Great video; however, you need more light behind the control panel to view it adequately and you missed one very critical point: which of the holes near the governor spring does it attach? One more point: the title "throttle controls explained…??? Please explain them!

  5. You know what really sucks about these motors , is that the valve cover bolt studs can break off if you over tighten the bolts after adjusting the valves and then the valve covers may leak .

  6. Hold on did you say they wanted $14,000.00 to reassemble the engine ??? In your professional opinion,if you had to purchase a new engine which brand you feel is the most reliable you would purchase, thanks please let me know.

  7. thank you for the video, while i was pulling the whole piece the governor spring came off and i was unsure where to attach but thank you to this video i figure it out.

  8. So can you increase the governor max throttle without taking the plate off? After having my carburetor rebuilt, my mower's max throttle speed is now only about 90% before I sent it in. I want to adjust it back to whatever the max throttle was before having it worked on. Thanks in advance.

  9. question I have this motor in my mower was running fine then just bogged out and now wont start i tried using some starter fluid but will not start It wants to turn over but just back firing out the exhaust and the carb what could be the problem

  10. I have this engine but the top speed RPM is a bit lower than it should be. Is there an adjustment for that or how do you adjust for top RPM?

  11. I was changing out the throttle /choke cables and knocked off the linkage in front. Can you send me a picture of how that curved linkage wire is connected to the clip to hold it in place. Kawasaki FH641V. Thanks.

  12. Thanks for this video. I have looked at 25 pictures and at least 10 videos, but you are the first to show where the linkage hooked on the back side. Thanks again

  13. Thanks for the information but still trying to figure out which screw I’m turning to the left to make the proper adjustments. Thanks in advance for an answer

  14. Thank you Thank you Thank you! This engine has been driving me nuts for hours now. I replaced the governor shaft seal and could not figure out why it was over revving on me. Kept thinking i had the linkage wrong. I had it on full throttle when setting the governor but i needed to hold the linkage at full throttle while setting it. Thanks again

  15. Guys the Kawasaki motors are not motors they are engines a motor is an electric motor like a washing machine motor. Just letting you all know because I was rebuilding one and the dealer told me "he didn't sell motor parts he sold engine parts" jokingly but when they have 10 people in line LOL Just so you know.

  16. Thanks for the Video! I wish you could show how to actually adjust the governor. My Hustler only makes 2900RPM, but according to the manual it should make 3600RPM, and I cannot figure it out.

  17. Hi, I just rebuilt a Kawa Fr691 and It's my first time attempting this so I'm pretty green. I literally have idle and wide open and I've tried to adjust the linkage a few times. I have stumbled upon some info saying the flag might not have been set right in the sump when I reassembled so before I pulled the engine back apart I wanted to see if there was something I was missing. Currently my governor arm only stops about 1 inch from contacting the carb when I move it up after removing the linkage/rods/Springs. Just looking for general info if possible, should I be able to move that governor arm that high, I replaced the piston arms, and cam shaft on this mower originally fyi, and I did not pay attention to how the governor was set in anyway when reassembling.

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