First start after engine rebuild Honda Aquatrax F12X

I spent quite of bit of time tearing the engine down. (I’m not a mechanic) But, after doing so, what was revealed to me was salt water intrusion. My rings were seized and I had to replace the pistons. The cause of the salt water intrusion was a cracked exhaust manifold, which is apparently quite common with the Honda. I replaced the exhaust and all four cylinder with new rings, and got it up and running again….



3 thoughts on “First start after engine rebuild Honda Aquatrax F12X

  1. I love these little 4 cylinders. Love all Honda engines. Whats the HP and TQ outputs for it? Bore and stroke? I can't find any information on them at all anywhere.

  2. HP is 165. It's a 1235cc liquid cooled dry sump inline four cylinder with intercooler turbo charger with Bore and Stroke 79.0mm x 63.0mm and compression ratio 8.5:1. Last time I checked the compression was around 170 psi. I love this ski, and I've owned it since brand new, 2005. Thanks for your comments and interest.

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